Creativity for the Uncreative

Oct 24, 2016

When brainstorming ideas for a new marketing campaign or a new website design, “creative” is an adjective that is thrown around as a goal characteristic of the end product. Of course, achieving this is easier said than done. Studies have proven that creativity is a challenge for the majority of people, but anyone could have told you that. New ideas are few and far between. It is more likely that we will think of a concept that have not been overdone or have a bit of a twist.

If you are not a naturally creative person, how can you bring fresh ideas to the table at work? 

Creativity for the Uncreative

How can you get your creative juices flowing? Depending on how easily it comes to you, a number of efforts can be taken, but they will require some commitment to truly alter the way that you approach idea generation. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Take a Class

Creativity for the Uncreative -- RedMoxy CommunicationsAn old dog can learn new tricks. Consider taking a creative course. It may have been years since you were in a classroom, but you essentially will be forced to be creative. Your peers and your instructor will push you to reach outside of your comfort zone. A class such as a creative writing course can teach you more about the creative process and how to channel the methods of the greats. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a writing class – it could be pottery, graphic design or photography. A classroom setting provides the opportunity to share your work and have it critiqued in a safe zone where everyone is learning, unlike a more pressured environment like the workplace.

Ask New Questions

When we ask a question, it is usually because we are trying to solve a problem. The answer we are looking for is meant to solve that problem. Any idea that our mind generates is based off of something in our memory, but this is not the point at which you put pen to paper. Recalling information that we read or saw is not a creative process by any stretch of the imagination. What happens after we recall that information is when creativity comes into play. Ask the original question in a different way. Change your perspective, or consider a different audience. Ask your memory a new question. It follows that a new question would provide a new answer – a new problem with a new solution.

Channel Your Inner Child

We have heard this adage in reference to many aspects of life. It can be extended to creativity in the workplace, namely in marketing. Children are creative because they do not place limits on themselves and their thinking has yet to be limited by society.  It sounds cliche, but have fun with your ideas. A bit of irreverence can go a long way and can always be reined in later. In the beginning stages of your project, that feeling of freedom and adventure can be a breath of fresh air. It will show through in your work.

Creativity is hard but even if it does not come easily to you, it is not impossible.