Current Design Trends to Use in Your Next Website Redesign

Mar 11, 2015

Current Design Trends to Use in Your Next Website RedesignEach year, trends in design change to better suit the preferences and tastes of the designers and the audiences they are designing for. Some trends stay consistent year after year, while some gradually work their way out of style as new trends emerge. In 2015, we’ve seen some design trends remain strong, and we’ve seen the beginnings of new design styles. See the complete guide to the current design trends below and bookmark this page so that you have it on hand for your next company website redesign. 

Current Design Trends to Use in Your Next Website Redesign

Current Design Trends to Use in Your Next Website Redesign

Big, beautiful imagery.

Big, beautiful imagery

Stock photography has changed – for the better. There’s a plethora of free, unique stock photography out there, and designers are using it! Check out Unsplash, for example. This beautiful image is from there, by Sonja Langford.

Images in 2015 of high quality, unique, big. They’re likely to only get bigger, too. Humans like images, and current design trends reflect that.

Rich Content

Storytelling on the web is becoming more intimate. It’s becoming more visual. Longform articles and content are created with the goal of making an emotional visual experience for the reader.

Curious to see rich content in action? Check this out.

Strong Typography

More and more websites are incorporating unique fonts, visual hierarchies and strong, powerful statements into their designs.

Background Video

Like we said, humans like images. They like moving images even more. More and more websites are using video in the place of imagery as the main home page media. We predict that this trend will only continue to grow as more companies learn how powerful video is in engaging viewers.

Hand-drawn Illustrations

This one is a prediction, and we’ll see if it comes true. We’ve seen popular sites like Dropbox and Basecamp utilize illustration to connect with their audience. Will illustration be an effective trend for your company? Do some buyer persona analysis and find out!

What do you think of these current design trends? See any you’ll be using in your next website redesign? Did you think of any that we missed? Let us know!

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