Data Harbor

Jun 10, 2022

Data Harbor has true business value but needed help showing this in a crowded and competitive space.

Data Harbor builds custom cellular and wireless IoT data monitoring systems for hospitality, turf and landscape, healthcare, agriculture and more. They’ve developed a process that brings the leading devices together with incredible industry experience to build uncompromised, high-performance monitoring solutions to businesses and organizations that need reliable, custom integrations with focused service.

Data Harbor’s offering and service were gold – but their voice and their image needed help. They turned to Redmoxy to help breath life and direction into the competitive, over-crowded arena of IoT providers.

Data Harbor knew they occupied a unique and valuable position within this market but were heavily challenged by understanding how to message this value. RedMoxy’s team began by isolating and breaking out Data Harbor’s uniqueness in the market and laid a roadmap for brand awareness that involved a new website, revised and improved identity elements, a focused message to core audiences and a social media presence that showed presence and placement in the space.

RedMoxy’s team executes for Data Harbor daily and maintains watchful eyes for opportunities within this evolving and growing market. Data Harbor’s leadership relies heavily on RedMoxy’s experts to continue delivering the incredible exposure and brand development they’ve provided thus far.

“RedMoxy brings a level of reliability, results and understanding that manufacturers find essential to their success – but often hard to locate. They continue to be an invaluable asset to our operations and we see expanding pathways to growth because of their efforts.”

– Data Harbor, Mayvile, WI

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