Digital Marketing 101: How Do I Boost My SEO?

Sep 12, 2018

Our previous RedMoxy blog lent some insight into the importance of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, to your business success. Now that you know that effective SEO is critical in this digitalized world, read further to discover how to take some specific steps that can directly impact your overall SEO ranking.

Think About Your Content

Well that seems obvious, doesn’t it? Not exactly. Many organizations who do not think critically before posting website content may not even realize they are hurting potential audience exposure. “Minor” details such as font size, appropriate capitalization and punctuation, and paragraph size could impact people’s decision to stay on your page. As mentioned in our previous blog, people need information as quickly as possible. If your sentences are hard to read or too much to digest, they will almost certainly check out a new site and obtain what they are looking for elsewhere.

Put Some Work Into It

A well put-together website cannot be typed up, edited, and be visually appealing in a matter of an hour or two. Perhaps you may feel that setting up your site is a lot of work and is time consuming. While this may be true, it sure beats the alternative of losing business and, in turn, money, by setting up an unattractive page for visitors. A good site won’t have pure text but will include features such as links, blogs, statistics, and a welcoming contact page. Link your information to other useful resources. Add a graphic that accurately displays how your numbers have been up compared to your competitors’ over the past five years. A well-constructed graphic is always easier to digest than a paragraph of text while still getting your message across, and providing active links shows that you’re a trusted source for information. If you add a blog page and consistently produce relevant and accurate material through it, your visitors will be able to see that your business is knowledgeable, current, and authentic.

Stay Connected

Make sure your business is available on at least some social media platforms – that is, as many as are appropriate. This is not the same as running a social media campaign, (this will be discussed in a future blog, so be sure to check back) but refers to having links to your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram easily accessible to your page visitors. You will be rewarded with a higher SEO ranking if your site proves to be connecting with social media communities. This ties together with establishing a mobile friendly site for your business. One study found that an alarming 49.7% of all web pages viewed worldwide were accessed via mobile device as of February 2017. This indicates that people need information on the go and that they need it instantly. If your company doesn’t provide mobile device users with a readable, informational mobile site, search engines will give you a low SEO ranking. Worse yet, you will lose touch with your audience.

Be Selective On Your Front Page

Oftentimes a website contains too much information in one spot. If a visitor clicks to go to your site only to be drowned in information, they will likely be overwhelmed and promptly leave. Be sure to prioritize your content. Briefly state who you are, what you offer, and make sure you leave a noticeable search bar option. For secondary information, leave links that will redirect your visitors.

Boosting your SEO is not a simple task, but going through your site content to give yourself the best chance to obtain more web traffic can pay dividends to you and your business. Want more information on boosting your SEO? RedMoxy Communications is here to help. To get in touch, click here or call (262) 303-4238.