Digital Marketing 101: Creating a Social Media Campaign that Fits Your Business

Sep 26, 2018


Now that you know more about how social media can provide a huge impact to your business, it’s time to discuss just how to use this influential tool to your advantage through a social media campaign. Don’t let “social media campaign” be confused with “social media strategy.” Although there is a big difference between these two terms, it is likely that your social media strategy and future campaigns will closely align. To clarify, a social media strategy is a firm and generally permanent approach to using social media. For example, perhaps one business believes their aspirations, goals, and values align with Twitter and Facebook, while another may see Snapchat and Instagram as more appropriate. A social media campaign, however, is a much more targeted effort within a platform. Find out what to keep in mind when putting together a social media campaign so you can be sure your next one is a success.

Do Your Homework

Perhaps you don’t have to embark on an enormous groundbreaking social media campaign to generate more success for your business – the point is to not overthink it. Maybe you just need to make some tweaks to your current social media strategies as part of a campaign instead of doing a complete overhaul, which could prove costly. Do the research to find out. What are your competitors doing on social media? Are their social media tactics working? What’s not? Find out which keywords are and are not successful for them. Discover which times of the day are most likely to obtain better audience reach. Take a look at all of your current social media platforms and try to get a good feel for what content of yours has proven to be engaging and what hasn’t been getting the results you desire. Once this is complete, allocate the right amount of time and resources to your project – set an appropriate budget. Craft a feasible timeline. Make sure others within the organization know their roles in this social media campaign, are on board, and are committed to driving it toward success.

Set Goals 

We can’t overstate the importance of this one. Some might think that by just posting content more frequently on Facebook or paying for more advertising space will generate more followers and more profit. While that could be effective in some cases, it doesn’t always work this way. What are you going to do through your campaign – create more followers on Twitter? make your brand more recognizable? achieve a better reach through organizational Facebook posts? Whatever the purpose for your campaign, it is imperative that specific goals are set in place that are realistic for your business. For example, you’re unlikely to gain 10 million Twitter followers over the next month, but also avoid a plan that plainly states that you hope to be a more recognizable brand someday. Instead, specifically make it a point to gain 300-500 more Twitter followers within the next ninety days, or plan to bump your business’s website up a page in SEO rankings within the next month through more engaging Facebook content.


Don’t overlook the significance of this step. Once you’ve reached the end of the timeline for your campaign, analyze the results. Did you achieve each goal? What aspects were more successful than others? Could a campaign similar to this one be executed again? Think of it this way: Your social media campaign is ALWAYS a success. If it got the job done, fantastic. If the specific plan didn’t end perfectly, that’s okay. If you’ve taken an honest look at the results, you’ll know what to do in the future to be more successful. Continue to adjust your social media campaign(s) accordingly to ensure future achievements.

Searching for a starting point to launch a social media campaign that best matches your business is not always a quick and easy process. RedMoxy is happy to lend professional advice to put your business in a position to succeed through a well-planned social media campaign. Reach out by clicking here or by giving us a call at (262) 303-4238.