Digital Marketing 101: Do I Need an Email Marketing Campaign?

Oct 3, 2018

All this discussion from social media marketing to boosting SEO to social media campaigning falls under the umbrella of digital marketing. But we haven’t covered everything under that virtual umbrella just yet. If you are seeking a cost effective yet influential way to get in touch with your customer base, look into the powerful tactic that is email marketing. Now you might think to yourself, “Email? Really? Isn’t that stuff kind of outdated in 2018?” No – absolutely not – and if properly executed, an email marketing campaign may prove to be your most plausible digital marketing option, especially for a small business. Read on to discover that email continues to be a useful method for marketers and that your business can benefit from an email marketing campaign.

Email is Critical

It’s certainly fair to say that a lot of buzz in the marketing world over the last 10-15 years has surrounded around the idea of social media. Social media is huge. It’s everywhere. Its potential is nearly unlimited; however, there are some serious potential drawbacks to a social media campaign as well: they can be expensive, demand a lot of valuable time, and sometimes, your social media efforts just might not be reaching the right audience. Perhaps a stunning statistic may stick out: about half of the world population in 2018 has an email address. While it may not sound like the flashiest way to market, it gets the job done. With a massive customer base out there, it’s time to find out why your business should market via email.

Retain Customers

The easiest people to market to are the people who are already familiar with your business. This seems obvious but cannot be overstated. For example, if you see that a certain number of customers have consistently purchased your product over the past several months, it’s a good idea to honor that. They’ve shown you loyalty and have taken an interest in what you offer, and in general, people want to be appreciated. Send out a mass email to this customer base to let them know that they are valued customers and follow up with some coupons or a discount on their next purchase. In this way, they’ll be more likely to come back to your business again and even recommend it to others.

Stay in Touch

“Staying in touch” could mean a variety of things based on the business, but every business wants to be the first one in the mind of the customer. Simple emails such a holiday greeting message or letting your valued customers know a sale is starting next week are excellent ways to stay connected with your audience. Even if your customers don’t take action immediately upon opening your email, you have at the very least put your business in their mind for the next time they need what you have to offer. If your competitors are doing this, you match them. If not, you’ve just created a cost-effective advantage.

Pinpoint Your Audiences

When you send out a social media post, you’ve created one bit of content that gets distributed to everyone. This makes it very tricky to decide what goes into the post because you have a big audience with different people. This is where email marketing comes in nicely: you know exactly who is in your email list, and you can use that information to break down your customer base into more specific audiences. Once you’ve segmented the larger audience, you can generate content that specifically targets their needs and interests, making your brand – and profit – even better.

Don’t think of email marketing as “old school.” In fact, the beauty of email marketing is that you can use it to link customers to social media pages. If you direct customers you know are already happy with you to your social media posts, they are likely to comment, like, share, or retweet your content. And just like that, you’ve expanded your brand and have achieved better reach without paying a dime in advertising costs.


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