Digital Marketing 101: Does Social Media Marketing Matter?

Sep 19, 2018

Absolutely. According to one study, 81 percent of people within the United States in 2017 had owned at least one profile set up on a social media platform. Think of how many potential customers you are missing out on reaching if you neglect social media marketing endeavors. The vast amount of social media network platforms now available in 2018 means it is virtually impossible to not find one that is appropriate to your business goals. Read on to discover the benefits to social media marketing and begin to explore how a well-executed campaign is great for you and your business.

Boost SEO and Form Connections

Previously, we mentioned that providing easy access links to your business’s social media sites for page visitors is a simple way of achieving a better SEO ranking. When you have visitors clicking those links and being redirected to a great social media page, you gain more interest in your business. A good SEO ranking + an engaging social media page = more sales. Why is a good social media page so critical to this? It’s because it builds a connection between your business and your audience. If Company A is constantly updating their page with offers, discounts, and other information such as promotional deals while Company B is nowhere to be found, the audience is vastly more likely to choose Company A because they are transparent and open with their customer base. Many social media sites will also have an option to send a quick message directly to someone working for a given business. If potential customers have a question or concern, they know they can have it addressed quickly because they have confidence in the business’s helpful use of social media.

Save Money on Advertising

Not every business has a vast supply of funds with which to pump into expensive advertising efforts. In fact, many smaller businesses must be careful and highly selective when deciding how to advertise. A poor advertising decision could prove detrimental. That’s where social media marketing comes in. Networking sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram offer free page setups. In a way, this is like free advertising provided you can budget the time for page upkeep. Don’t neglect page maintenance! Creating social media accounts and neglecting to engage with your audience will almost certainly prove costly because your customers want to know that you’re available. As long as you are delivering content your customers want to see and using your social media accounts with proper communication, social media marketing proves to be a cost-effective approach to name exposure.

Grow Your Overall Customer Base

It’s one thing to save money on advertising costs while maintaining the number of people who already know about you. It’s another when you have the opportunity to increase your customer base and even win customers over from competitors. Just think – your competitors are already on social media for the same reasons. What can you do to fight back – can you outperform them on a customer service level? Could you post a better product selection? Do you think you have more effective and attractive deals? These are aspects of your business to think about when going online via social media marketing.

Social media marketing is virtually impossible to avoid in this digital age, and it can certainly be an easy way to get your business’s name out there for your audience to see and become familiar with. Think about which platforms might best suit your business’s products or services, save money, and increase your overall following dramatically.

While social media marketing can benefit almost any business, selecting the proper platforms can be tricky. RedMoxy Communications can offer social media marketing advice that will help your business take off. To get in touch, click here, or call (262) 303-4238.