Your Digital Marketing Campaign Needs Solid Content

Oct 17, 2018

Your Digital Marketing Plan Needs Solid Content

It is no secret that digital marketing is vital to the success of virtually every business. Social media marketing can be a great way to connect and engage with a new target audience, and email marketing can strengthen strong relationships you’ve already built with your consumers. We’ve gone over the importance of being aware of SEO and how to successfully implement these marketing tactics. But now, onto the aspect that completes them: Content. If all else fails, make sure your content is appropriate and engaging, as doing so is the most crucial step in any digital marketing plan. Read on to find out why and gain some tips into making sure your digital marketing content is spot on.

What Exactly does “Content” Mean?

Let’s say, for instance, your digital marketing campaign is one in which your organization posts to Facebook every other day. Your goal through these posts is to increase your organization’s brand awareness, leading to a larger audience and ultimately more sales. In this example, your content is everything you put into these posts: Text, links, images – anything. In an email marketing campaign, you’ll likely have very similar content, but it’ll be organized differently; you’ll probably have longer blocks of texts or different images because email and social media can be used in very different ways.

Why is Content So Important?

Your content will drive your campaign in two potential ways. Great content will create a positive engagement between your audience and your organizational brand. Bad content, however, will be unsuccessful for the purposes of the campaign. Even worse, it will probably lead to your audience creating for themselves a bad image of your brand. By putting together solid content, you are, in a way, controlling how your audience views your organization.

Tips for Great Content

Back to an example: you decide to craft an email and send it to those consumers who have made a connection to your organization. You know they are already interested, so you’re hoping to direct them from the email to your website and ultimately to have them purchase your product. In this situation, keep these tips in mind:

Show Appreciation

Don’t start off the email with “Buy our product today!” While this is one of your goals, customers don’t want to think you’re just sending this for sales. Be genuine. Point out that you’ve noticed their interest in you and that you appreciate their business. After all, without them, you’d be out of luck.

Be Straightforward

Although it is key to show the customers that you care, don’t be deceptive, misleading, or annoying. For example, make sure your links are directing your customers to where they think they’re going. Include accurate product descriptions. Use short sentences and create succinct paragraphs that are quick and easy for the email recipients to read. It’s okay if they are ultimately not interested in the content of the specific email. If you maintain open lines of communication, they’ll check back another time and will still be more likely to trust what your organization is offering.

Welcome and Embrace Feedback

Perhaps these customers have followed your links or purchased your product but are unhappy. The links were broken, or your product failed to deliver on what you promised, and you’re now receiving negative reviews. Use this situation as an opportunity to grow. Part of good content includes good feedback. Respond to the disgruntled customers and offer them a viable solution. Many times, customers will be inclined to return if you sincerely apologize and offer compensation. However, if you let these negative instances fester, these customers will find it hard to trust your organization and will probably not recommend it to others.


These are just a few examples of what is included under the term “solid content.” As you continue to refine how to word emails and social media posts, you’ll start to get a feel of what works and what doesn’t. If you’re wondering what content your organization should be including in its digital marketing campaigns, talk to us at RedMoxy Communications. To get in touch, click here or call us at (262) 303-4238.