Editing Videos for the Beginner

Feb 24, 2017

Editing Videos for the Beginner

Editing Videos for the Beginner

You’ve worked hard to film a professional, informative video for your business. Now it’s time to put the content you’ve gathered together into a cohesive piece. You do not necessarily need to be experienced to edit a video well, you just need to follow a few simple guidelines, which we have outlined below.

Editing Videos for the Beginner

1. Choose the Right Software System 

What type of computer will you be editing your video on? Apple computers come with iMovie as a built-in feature, if you are not looking to pay for video editing software. Abode Premier Pro is an excellent option for PCs or Mac, especially since the package also includes Photoshop and After Effects. At approximately $50 a month, it will depend on how much you plan to use the software. If you plan to film and edit only one video a month, a free system might be a better solution. Research the abundance of options out there – you will be able to find one at your price point.

2. Save the Original Footage

You never know what you will end up using. Keep all of the original clips and save them on your computer. You might decide to include something last minute that you previously cut out, or the footage can be re-purposed for future projects.

3. Use Transitions 

Abrupt cuts between two different clips will jar your audience and hurt your credibility as a marketing professional. Chances are that your end result will not be one long video clip. It will be comprised of several clips that have been cut together. The best way to make this a smooth process is to use a transition such as a fade. Furthermore, when you are cutting clips, try to cut on motion. It will appear more natural since the subject was already moving within the frame.

4. Keep Graphics Consistent 

If you’ve decided on a certain type of transition, unless the situation absolutely calls for it, do not switch. Your video will feel choppy and scattered. Furthermore, use the same font throughout if you are including text on the screen. All visual elements should be consistent to create a more streamlined product.

4. Develop Your Eye 

Watching YouTube videos to see how “good” editing looks can provide inspiration for how to edit your own content. Every edit you make should have a purpose. Consider why you are cutting that part out. Was the speaker too lengthy in their answer? The more you edit, the more refined your eye will become.

If you’d like to read more about creating videos, check out Video Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide .

Happy Editing!