Email Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

Dec 11, 2019

Email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates and highest return on investment in the business. According to, over half of the world’s population is set to use email in 2022. In the same article, they state that for every $1 spent on email marketing, a company gets an average of $32 in return. In addition, 80% of businesses rely on email marketing for customer retention. To successfully make use of this helpful marketing channel, here are a few email marketing do’s and don’ts.

With email marketing, as with all marketing endeavors, intentionality is key. This is due to the fact that mail marketing requires both set-up and oversight. You and your company will be well on your way to email marketing success when you follow the following tips and tricks.

Email Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts


Make sure your email list is updated and accurate. If your emails are sending to people who aren’t opening the emails or if it’s getting sent to their spam folders, the audience list needs to be updated. To do this, keep track of your active and inactive subscribers and update as necessary.

A rule of thumb for inactive subscribers is to remove addresses that haven’t engaged with any email in the past six months. However, before you remove these addresses, try a few more updated emails to see if you they will interact with your emails. Options to freshen up include a new: format, subject line, offer, or call-to-action.


When designing your emails, keep it on brand with your company’s digital presence. This means that colors, typefaces, and wording should be consistent to your other digital content. In addition, remember that many emails will be opened on a mobile app, so mobile-friendly design is key. Easily scrollable with a clean, open format helps with mobile-friendly design.


Keep in mind that this is unique form of communication. Conversational wording can be appropriate, as this is essentially a note or a letter that you’re writing to your subscribers. Personalization is key as well. This is because you want your subscribers to feel that you’re writing directly to them. To do this, the content should target your customer and be relevant to them.

To fully personalize your emails, focus on your target buyer persona. Your buyer persona allows you to target your email messages to an ideal recipient. Doing this helps to craft a message tailored and targeted at the people you want to respond. 


Use A/B testing to test out different times to send your email campaigns. For some audiences, weekdays are the most effective time for sending emails, as your audience is sitting at work on their computers. For other audiences, Saturdays or even Sundays might be the best time to send emails, as your audience might have more free times to go through their emails on the weekends.

Use your A/B testing to decide when to send out your emails and then try to stick with a consistent schedule. Consistency allows your audience to be able to rely on your emails and improves the credibility of the marketing. For this consistency, prepping and scheduling emails through an email service can be super helpful. Then you don’t have to sit over your computer to hit “send” on every Tuesday afternoon (or whatever day and time you decide on).

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