Enhance your content marketing with YouTube

Sep 24, 2014

Enhance your content marketing with youtubeHave you been looking for new ways to boost your inbound tactics and generate additional exposure to your company’s content marketing? We think you’re the perfect candidate to consider video, but specifically content marketing with YouTube.

Here are a handful of reasons to consider adding an active YouTube Channel to their content marketing strategy.

  • Videos are popular and for a good reason

In our world, quick access to useful information always gets the attention. If you’re like most people, given the choice to read a 2500 word article on a do-it-yourself topic or watch a 6 minute video covering the same topic, you’ll choose the video. And YouTube has produced a venue which delivers countless videos, streamable to any platform, with a few simple clicks.

  • Videos on YouTube are shared more easily, embedded more easily, and liked more easily

It’s built-in on YouTube, therefore much easier for your users. Let’s face it, as if going through the trouble of establishing a reliable, cost-effective server that can stream your own video, on demand, on any platform isn’t preventative enough, YouTube’s sharing, liking and embedding integration should get you over the hump.

  • Using YouTube for inbound is inline with one of the primary tenants of Inbound marketing: provide people useful content

As mentioned in point 2, a do-it-yourself video goes a lot further with your audience when it’s displayed in video form. Could a do-it-yourself video be any better an example of useful content? YouTube’s tendency to be searched highly for do-it-yourself videos allow you to enhance your content marketing with YouTube.

  • Using YouTube for inbound is a fantastic medium to deliver content to all areas of your buyer stages

Again, enhancing your content marketing with YouTube couldn’t be more obvious if your marketing strategy struggles with the idea of delivering content to all your buyer stages. Developing similar videos, all on theme, but composed, written, and titled for these different audiences will make your content all that much more useable to any visitor.

  • SEO

Sure, your page rank won’t necessarily jump when you put your first post online since you’re not adding that much more to Google’s index. However, having video provides additional links back to your website, it also will show up in search results with a nice looking video thumbnail with a play button instead of a boring text line and link.

  • Brand awareness

Your audience now has a new channel to find and learn more about you. You’ve enlisted a new medium to control your messaging and allow your users to engage with your brand in a very effective and sought after medium: video.