Enlarge Your Digital Footprint

Sep 21, 2016

A photo by Christopher Sardegna. unsplash.com/photos/iRyGmA_no2QA large digital footprint makes your business easier to find online. To increase traffic on your website, work towards enlarging your digital footprint. There isn’t a reliable way of determining how large it is now, but you can be sure that there is room for improvement. Some type of online presence has become crucial to the success of businesses today, with some much information at our fingertips. Strong online presence is preferred, but it can be tricky to establish. Follow this advice to make sure that your business is at the top of the list. Your online marketing efforts will be much more effective if you are able to succeed in enlarging your digital footprint. 

Enlarge Your Digital Footprint

1. Post on social media

If you already have these accounts, post content daily to remind followers about what you are doing, and to gain more followers. Be active! Platforms that you should consider engaging on are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn. Take your time when building your profiles, rather than simply throwing something up. Your profile represents your company on that platform, so you will want to make it perfect. Quality is just as important as quantity here.

2. Comment on Popular Blogs

You will bring exposure to your brand by commenting on popular, widely read blogs that are relevant to the goods or services that your business provides. You could offer a tip or a link to a helpful website – directing readers straight to your website. This may seem like a tacky marketing effort, but if the blog is pertinent to your business then don’t feel guilty about inserting a shameless plug.

3. Create imagery

Visuals increase the impact of almost all content that you create. Thus, anytime you post on social media, consider whether a photo would drive home your message or catch the eye of the reader. Even pictures taken on a phone can be of high enough quality to share publicly if you do not own a camera.  Additionally, be sure to include photos on your website.

4. Start a blog

Blogging is different than sharing material on social media outlets because it is more in-depth. Here is your chance to write on subjects relevant to the industry and engage in discussions with readers. Consider taking a “how to” approach – help your reader understand something that they previously did not have a grasp of.

5. Use Ad Words

Google AdWords is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise online. Take advantage of this opportunity! AdWords is PPC advertising, or pay per click advertising, meaning that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Clicking on the ad can take them to your website if you so choose, where they will learn more about your company and hopefully reach out to you. AdWords is measurable and easily targetable. You can base it upon geographic location, mobile phone users, or many other audiences.

With so many ways to enlarge your digital footprint, why wouldn’t you? You really have nothing to lose, especially since most of the suggestions above are free. Time and creativity will be your main commitments, but it is worth it if consumers can easily find your business online. A strong online presence is a must in today’s digital culture.

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