Evergreen Content: Tis Every Season

Dec 7, 2016

dpuys9enoas-osman-ranaThe evergreen tree symbolizes longevity in life. Evergreens retain their needles all throughout the year. Similarly, evergreen content is material that is always relevant and fresh. It can be revitalized at any given moment, at any time of the year. Before attempting to search for and write this type of content, you should understand what does and does not qualify.

Evergreen Content: Tis Every Season

Evergreen content can be succinctly described with one adjective: sustainable. It is not necessarily timeless, as a great deal of content will eventually be out of date when technology advances to a level beyond what we can imagine today. However, this can often be updated when you re-purpose material.

Humanity topics such as work, love, family, and health resonate with readers because these are part of their daily lives. Not every humanity topic is going to relate to your products or services. Consider  how-to articles. If you are teaching a specific skill, this will most likely remain the same year after year since there is a certain way that the task should be done. Content not well suited for evergreen content are news articles, seasonal stories, and statistics that won’t be accurate for very long.

Be sure to share evergreen content on social media. It can be shared over and over, even months later, and still be pertinent. On the contrary, if you share a post with a time limit, the window for sharing is brief. Evergreen content is a little like leaving the window open – you never know when attention on social media will fly in.

A challenge you may encounter with evergreen content is finding topics that have not become tired and boring from their frequent coverage. Try to look at the piece with a new lens. Approach it from a different angle than you did last time. You could go more in-depth, or focus on just one aspect of a topic rather than giving an entire overview. Be sure to use longtail keywords in all evergreen content. This will eliminate a large portion of the competition in Google searches. If the keywords were specific enough, your content will then continue to appear for months and even years.