Facebook and Imagery: A match made in heaven

Aug 12, 2016

Facebook and Imagery: A match made in heavenOn Facebook, imagery is everything. For most daily use of Facebook, you’ll be focusing on photos in three areas: the profile picture, the cover photo and albums. You’re probably already putting up pictures on Facebook, but we’re guessing that there’s room for improvement here (there’s always room for improvement). We’ve rounded up our favorite tips for increasing interaction on Facebook in each of these three main image areas. 

Facebook and Imagery: A match made in heaven

The Profile Picture

RedMoxy Facebook Image

When it comes to leveraging your profile picture on Facebook, you can’t go wrong with a clear, vibrant image in high resolution that spells out exactly who your company is. Usually, brands pick their logo for this purpose. We did.

If you’re looking for a bit more creativity, try coordinating your profile picture with your cover photo. Or, make your profile picture a definable part of your brand, so that visitors know right away it’s you. (Like how Walt Disney World has the iconic Cinderella castle as a profile picture right now.)

The Cover Photo

Speaking of cover photos, there’s a lot of fun changes you can make on Facebook to help leverage interaction. An easy idea is to reflect seasonality. Except, make sure you update it for the correct season (we’re looking at you, Nilla Wafers.) Coca-Cola is riding the tide of the Olympics right now, and it’s definitely working.

Speaking of tide, check out what Tide is doing – it’s directing attention to another social platform (Twitter) as another way to interact with fans! Or, appeal to your fans’ senses. Is your stomach is doing little flip-flops from this Six Flags image?

You can also showcase a recent product – it’s a little bit like sending out a press release to every fan who comes to your page. PlayStation is doing that, here, with the release of a new game (coming out in 30 minutes! Shout-out to the guys in the office who informed me of that detail.) Buffalo Wild Wings is also doing some promoting, but not of a new product. They’re promoting their location as THE place to watch football and play fantasy. Check it out here.

The Albums

Moving on to albums. Again, you can showcase your product and/or service. You can even showcase events – start creating excitement for them via social. You can make your company approachable. Give your fans a sneak peek into your office. Give little tidbits of your employees’ lives. Uncommon Schools does a good job of this, and the transparency helps parents feel connected to their children’s school system.

If you’re ever stuck for ideas, start clicking around on Facebook. There’s a lot of brands out there who are working with a lot of creative people. You’re sure to strike inspiration in no time.

Did we leave out your favorite brand? Let us know who’s killing it with Facebook imagery in your book.

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