How to Figure Out Which Social Media Platforms Your Buyer Personas Are On

Sep 30, 2014

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We’re almost 100% sure by now that you know how useful social media is in every industry, whether you’re B2B, B2C, a small shop or a corporate titan. After you understand the importance of social media, you set out to put your company on the right platforms. So then…Which are the right platforms for your company?

How to Figure Out Which Social Media Platforms Your Buyer Personas Are OnThe #1 way to figure out that question is to analyze your buyer personas. Don’t know what a buyer persona is? Read here to find out. You’ll understand which social media platforms to invest in when you know where, when and why your buyer personas are on social media. How do you figure that out? Let’s find out.

How to Figure Out Which Social Media Platforms Your Buyer Personas Are On


Where are your Buyer Personas? What networks are they on?

Don’t guess at the answers – ask them! Ask via a contact form on your website. You don’t have to leave the questions on your contact forms for all eternity, but just long enough for you to get a sampling of good data.


Search Social Platforms for Keywords and Questions

Search on a variety of social platforms for the keywords that you’re optimizing your website and blog for. The same goes for common questions that your company answers for its clients. Chances are, if users are asking the questions on that platform, it’s a good platform for you to be on.


What's a buyer persona?Interview Prospects, Referrals, Former Clients

Interview a whole bunch of people. The format doesn’t matter, whether you survey through questionnaire, phone call or in-person meeting. You’ll learn the social media platforms to invest in when you start noticing a trend in the answers. Make sure to get a variety of your clients for the best, most accurate results.


Ask Why

When you’re conducting these interviews, leave options for them to just talk. Ask “why” to get at the heart of the platform. WHY are they on Twitter and not LinkedIn? WHY do they only go on social media after their kids are in bed? WHY do they check Instagram multiple times a day?


Figuring out which social media platforms your buyers personas are on is just the beginning. The next step: tailoring your content on social media to fit your personas. Learn which platforms they’re on, and then produce content that they are interested in reading about. Because that’s the key to social media success.

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