Finding Creative Writers Throughout Your Company

Jun 8, 2017

Finding Creative Writers Throughout Your CompanyIf you’re the “content writer”at your company, you know a thing or two about writing. Duh. But, with that title comes a lot of responsibility, doesn’t it? Sometimes, it can feel like your feet are to the fire, what with all the content you need to come up with on a weekly, if not daily, basis. However, it’s possible to begin finding creative writers throughout your company, rather than relying on solely your own talents. I’m not advocating for shirking responsibility, but I am a proponent for keeping things fresh – and finding fresh ideas in unlikely places.

Here’s the basic premise: content marketing isn’t one person’s role. It’s the role of the whole company. Start by finding creative writers throughout your company. Here’s why (and how!). 

Finding Creative Writers Throughout Your Company

The main reason why you should begin finding creative writers throughout your company: your own writing will drastically improve because of it. In the same token, the writing on your company blog, newsletters and social will be improved, too.

When you only have one (or even a team) of content writers, you are forgetting about the skills of the the other people in the office. What if the front administrative assistant is terrific with brainstorming? When you’re on a mission to find creative writers throughout the company, you can hand him or her the drawing board! And, what if the sales and marketing team has some really great ideas on a new tone of voice to better reach your audience? Listening to sales and marketing could make for a lot more traffic coming to your blog.

Here’s how to find the hidden creatives in your company:

  • Conduct a little research to determine the skills of the people within your organization.
  • Begin building the content marketing process around those skills.

To make this two-step approach actually work at your company, you’ll have to keep people accountable. When you’re collaborating with a new, large number of people, you need to make sure that your editorial calendars are still relevant. Are your timetables still accurate? Do you need extra days built in for collaboration? Stay accountable by talking through the process with every person involved and coming up with a timeline. By planning well in advance the content that needs to be written and who needs to write it, you’ll have the content ready on time every time.

And, even better, the content is only going to get better as you continually work with writers, editors, conceptualizers outside of your department. With that much creativity coming from your company, the quality of your work will only go up. Plus, isn’t true that you’re all on the same team? You’re all in this company together – why shouldn’t you be in regards to content, too?