Finding Your Brand Voice

Feb 10, 2017

askeuozqhyu-jason-rosewellWhat is at the heart of your company? What is your attitude towards your customers? Your brand voice lies at the center of all communications. Consistency goes a long way in earning the trust and loyalty of your clients. A strong brand voice projects authenticity, allowing customers to form an emotional connection. It may not even be what you say, but rather how you say it. Your brand voice will affect all materials created by the company – emails, website content, and social media content. 

Finding Your Brand Voice 

It is not enough to simply present your products or services. This may be what you do, but it is not who you are. There are probably dozens of businesses in your area that have the same offerings that you do. So what makes you special? Consider why consumers should choose you. The answer to this question should become part of your brand voice. Your voice should separate you from the crowd, even if it is only slightly.

Research has proven time and time again that customers always return to the brand’s that they trust. They build relationships with the brands that they turn to repeatedly. We often underestimate the power of words, but marketers should be fully aware of the weight that each and every word carries. Words that mean the same thing can evoke different emotions.

You will also have to establish a writing style. Formal and informal styles each have their place in effective marketing plans. Lighthearted humor works for many brands. It could work for yours also – or it could feel completely misplaced. Style will also vary from platform to platform. Of course, we know that email communication should be more formal than posts on social media. Adjust accordingly. It is helpful to understand how your customers talk about your brand and the language they use to describe it. This knowledge can be gained just by speaking with them.

When forming your brand voice, look at the roots of the company. Why was it founded? What need did it fill? How did it get to the point that it is today? This history is an essential part of the brand identity. Storytelling is a pastime that resonates with readers and appeals to emotion. The mission of the brand is the core of all messaging the company puts out. Pin down the values of the organization. This includes the values of the company’s owners and employees.

Your brand voice should encompass everything that the company has been and hopes to be in the future. If it rings true, your customers will trust your organization and will come back again and again.