Furey Filter and Pump

Jun 7, 2022


Since 1956, Furey Filter & Pump has established itself as a quality fluid handling manufacturer and distributor—the resource of choice for pumps and accessories, service and full system engineering.

While Furey’s outstanding service, on-time deliveries and superior technical and engineering support earned them client satisfaction, the Furey website left much to be desired. Rather than serving as a resource for clients, the website featured outdated information, grainy imagery and a design that required Adobe Flash to display properly.
Furey Filter & Pump turned to RedMoxy for a design that would land the Furey site squarely in line with modern design principles, but also for a website that would contain much more functionality than the current site, all with the intention of turning the site into a better resource for Furey’s customers.

To ensure that the deliverables we offered up Furey were exactly what they were looking for, we turned to competitor research and answered these key questions:

  • What are Furey’s competitors doing that Furey should be doing too?
  • What would take Furey’s new site one step beyond what its competitors are doing?
  • What design elements would make Furey’s new site stand out in the industry?

Once we were confident in our answers to the above questions, we set to work designing a new site and mocking up the functionality for a custom plugin that would feature all of Furey’s products, line cards and catalogs.

The resulting website is as different from the old site as night is from day. Not only modern and user-friendly, the new site is also built to be updated frequently – and without needing extensive HTML knowledge. As Furey’s line card grows and additional pumps and filters are added to the Furey product line, they can quickly and easily be added to the site.

With the new site in place, Furey turned to RedMoxy for another set of deliverables – turning old, outdated designs into modern presentations that coordinate with the new Furey Filter & Pump website.

Now Furey Filter & Pump features custom branding in both digital and traditional print materials. And, as more print pieces need to be updated, Furey continues to turn to RedMoxy for modern and intuitive design in collaboration with the new website.

When clients work with RedMoxy, they end up continuing the relationship with additional projects and deliverables. Because, when you’re that satisfied with your marketing partner, you’re happy to work with them again and again.

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