Gaining Customers Through Blogging

Sep 9, 2016

Search engines monitor this activity, and it results in a higher search ranking for your website. So, how can you make sure that your blog is improving the SEO of your site? Read on to find out how blogging can improve SEO for your website.From a corporate website to an online store, most (if not all) businesses can benefit greatly from having an active, quality blog that adds useful resources for customers. We already know that blogging is a great way to generate traffic, but how can that lead to gaining customers?

Gaining Customers Through Blogging


We have already covered how blogging will generate traffic for your website in our post last month: How Blogging Drives Traffic to Your Website.  Each visitor to your blog is a potential customer. If you have more traffic coming to your website, then you will have more potential customers as well. Online content is a numbers game, so you have to make sure you are getting the numbers that you need.



Blogging will show potential customers that you understand the market that you are in and can address questions they may have. Use your blog to answer common questions and incorrect misconceptions about your field. When visitors learn something from your blog, they will be more inclined to become customers. If you are a reliable resource for your visitors then they will be more likely to trust you with their business.



Blogging regularly will show potential customers that you are active every day. Having an active online presence is important. It conveys to visitors that you are freely available to help with any of their needs. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel very confident in a website that hasn’t been updated in ages. I know I can’t expect any sort of immediate response to any of my questions or emails. There is a small window to transform those visitors into customers. You don’t want to miss your chance!


Customer Relations

Just as an active blog can inspire confidence in potential customers, a responsive blog can do the same. Interaction with visitors on the blog will show these potential customers that you are actively responding to their needs. Make sure to write posts that answer frequently received questions from visitors to your blog. This will showcase how responsive and helpful your business is to both potential and current customers.


If you want to turn visitors to your website into potential customers, then a great place to start is a healthy blog. Make sure the blog is optimized to drive in traffic, attempt to educate your readers, remain active, and be responsive to the needs of the readers and customers.  Everyone who comes to your website is a potential customer, and blogging is a great tool to rope them in.