How to get Publicity from the Media with Public Relations

Nov 20, 2017

We gave you a little insight into writing successful press releases — the how and the what you might say. Now, let’s look into how you can get the media to pick up those press releases.

How to get Publicity from the Media with Public Relations.

How to Get Publicity from the Media with Public Relations -- RedMoxy CommunicationsWith press releases there are a couple of different routes you can go as far as publishing them goes. You could do it yourself — posting them in a “blog” or “news” section of your website. You could talk about the content in your press release through a video on YouTube. These are great routes to go. However, if you want to reach a brand new, broader audience you may want to consider reaching out to the media.

This can be a little intimidating. Traditionally, the media and PR are at odds. (Generally because of different ideologies when it comes to news.) This doesn’t have to be a setback, though. If you work on your media relations, you can build wonderful relationships that are mutually beneficial.

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Think Outside of Yourself.

You want publicity. That is your goal. But, when it comes to the media, they have their own agenda, and they certainly don’t want to be seen as solely a means for free publicity. You are going to have to do your research to figure out what kinds of stories your media of choice is going to find interesting so that you can both benefit from “doing business” together.

If you are creating stories that are newsworthy you are going to be much more likely to have your story picked up by the media. To give you the breakdown, think about what is timely, relevant, prominent, impactful, unusual, emotional, or local. That should give you a better idea of what you should be centering your press release around.

Research Your Media of Choice.

Remember that the media has a job to fulfill and if your story doesn’t cut it, you are wasting their time. So, to save both of your sides time, it is essential that you do some research on the reporter/channel/etc. that you plan to send your press release to. Does s/he normally report on local issues? Would this story fit in with the other stories this channel normally reports on? Consume the stories that this media is sending out so you know what to expect and so that you can find the right avenue for you.

Find Undiscovered Details.

If you have content that is not all that new or exciting, see if you can find a way to get more details on the inside scoop of the issue. If you have a fresh look at the story, your press release may just be the content that gets chosen. When you put in the extra work, it shows.

Think Big Picture.

When writing your press releases, think about what is going on outside of your company. If you can tie your story into another news story — if it relates in some way — that is a great way to get a stronger footing with the media. Now, don’t create some kind of inauthentic, sleazy connection to a major news story — be genuine. Show why your story matters.

Get Social.

A great way to build relationships with the media is to interact with them. You’re probably a busy person, so you if you want a way that is relatively convenient *wa la!* we have just the thing for you! Start interacting with them on social media. You could comment interesting, thought-provoking questions or tidbits on their posts to get people talking. This is a great way to get noticed and can spur on some interesting conversation.

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