Getting on the Right Track with Mobile Marketing

Sep 14, 2015

RedMoxy Communications, Waukesha web design experts. It’s no secret that today we have the world in our hands: small cellular devices that give us the power to do practically almost anything. Chances are, you might even be reading this blog from your phone as we speak (am I right?). As a matter of fact, over 70% of all web searches are being done on mobile devices…mind blowing indeed.  Marketing is always changing and always evolving. When it comes to 2015, it is necessary to take a step back and ask yourself, “Is my business getting it right?”

What does it mean to truly be considered “mobile friendly?” Let’s take a look and start getting on the right track with mobile marketing.

Getting on the Right Track with Mobile Marketing

Google has developed a software development analyzer that evaluates the level of mobile-friendliness your company’s business possesses. Simply enter the site’s URL into the search engine, and you can see if there are areas of improvement that need to be dealt with. Check it out here. 

Why is this important? Good question. In April of 2015, Google upped its standards in terms of search optimization. The more mobile friendly your site is in a mobile search entry, the more it will appear as a top search result. Below are a few self-assessment tools to keep your mobile mind in check.

1. Don’t Make Your Users Pinch-to-Zoom.

If a user has to put in more effort in order to view your web content, then chances are you are violating the mobile manual. Convenience is always key.

2. Keep Users in a Single Browser Window.

If users have to keep switching screens, they may navigate away from your site. Don’t take the risk of losing loyal followers who have a vested intrigue in your site.

Getting on the Right Track with Mobile Marketing3. Don’t Make Users Scroll Horizontally.

Let’s refer back to #1, shall we?

4. Have a Simple Homepage.

Simple is the key word here. And no, simple does not imply boring. Keep your graphic designer on hand. When it comes to search engines and navigation menus, avoid the clutter. Give your user a decent amount of options, but do not overwhelm them. Make it easy for them to poke around on your site.

5. Customize your Website. 

Realize you may not be mobile compatible? No problem. You could create an entirely new mobile site or…you could take this opportunity to update your website with a responsive design (Google loves responsive sites). Learn more about optimizing your website for mobile here. 

From a business standpoint, it may sound like a broken record, but the customer always matters. Put yourself in their shoes and analyze personal preferences and what you as a consumer value about easy access and mobile site mobility. Don’t have it right? Don’t worry. We can help. Click below to get started.

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