Google AdWords Myths

Oct 19, 2016

trainGoogle AdWords seems to have burst on the scene. Even though it existed, you did not hear too much about it a few years ago. Marketers were reluctant to jump on the train because they had reservations about this strategy. You may still have some doubts. It’s time to bust those myths that may be holding you back from utilizing a helpful marketing tool. Here’s the top five Google AdWords myths that we hear – and why they’re not relevant.

Google AdWords Myths

1. Google just wants my money

I mean, it’s not that Google doesn’t  want your money. It’s just more impersonal than that. Simply put, Google is built to deliver your ads. It has no opinion or preference. Google doesn’t hate your business – it doesn’t care. (On the flip side, though: Google doesn’t care about your competitors either. So there’s that.)

2. No one clicks on Google ads

This is just blatantly untrue. Google is publicly traded, so you can see how much money it makes day after day with a little bit of digging. We could tell you how much Google makes, but where’s the fun in that? (Here’s a hint, though: it’s in the millions…).

How does Google make money? By people clicking on ads. So, yes. Lots and lots people click on Google ads.

3. AdWords is outbound marketing

Yes, advertising is generally associated with traditional or outbound marketing. AdWords is a little different, though. Instead of cruising by an ad at 70 miles per hour, users are searching on Google for an answer, solution or education when the ad pops up. It’s a chance to put your name in front of the viewer at the exact moment he or she needs your services. And that is quite a bit different from outbound marketing.

4. An ad campaign is only successful if it earns the top spot

Actually, you’ll get more clicks within your budget by having lower bids. Want to see the math? Click here.

5. I don’t need to create a landing page for my ad

To me, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on creating an ad, delivering it to the right audience, getting a click…and then LOSING the lead because the messaging on your home page doesn’t match the ad that he or she clicked on. That sounds like a waste of money. Create a landing page specifically designed to answer the question your lead is looking for.

It takes an expert to truly master Google AdWords, but the answers to these myths should set you up on the right path. And, of course, you can always reach out to us. Contact us here with any questions.

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