Happy 5th Birthday Instagram!

Oct 8, 2015

This week marks the 5 year anniversary of Instagram- the photo sharing social media platform that has helped us to transform content Happy 5th Birthday Instagram!marketing on a scale of epic proportions. There are so many aspects of using Instagram as a marketing tool that make it easy, fun, effective, and enjoyable, not just for your business, but for consumers as well. Instagram has announced that it now reaches over 400 million users. We’ve formulated the top 5 things we love about using the ‘gram in honor of its 5th birthday! Take a look.

Happy 5th Birthday Instagram!

Pictures have truly transformed many approaches to the advertising and marketing industry. Everywhere we look, we are influenced by images. Images that can inspire and motivate others to feel, act, or perform in different ways. We love using Instagram as a marketing tool platform so much, that within the past 5 years, a lot  has changed and evolved. There are many things we enjoy about gramming, but we managed to nail down the list for you. Here it is.

1. Easy Navigation

What could be better than having the world at your fingertips? Instagram’s convenience factor makes it cutting edge. Many business will comment “Link in Bio” on their photos. If a user sees a photo they like, the company’s website is simply 2 taps away……similar to liking the photo! Time is money.

2. Explore Happy 5th Birthday Instagram!

With Instagram’s explore tab, there’s no time better than the present to reach out and do some networking. Using this feature can help to connect you with similar businesses and industries. Product promotion takes on new heights and new views as you branch out, follow, and favorite other accounts and businesses.

3. Hashtags

Everyone loves a good hashtag. Not only is the term fun to say, but using a simple hashtag is practically guaranteed to get your content more likes. How? The more your business implements the use of hashtags, the more users who search for similar content will be able to view your photos. Learn more about how to “Hashtag Your Business” HERE.

4. Cross Promotion

Instagram is a great platform to be begin building more followers on other media platforms. Because consumers prefer pictures over words, following your company on Instagram in the first step towards making a larger commitment to your brand, and to your company.

5. One-Stop- Shop

One of the most enjoyable aspects of using Instagram is that all necessary tools for posting are located in one convenient place. Rather than having to use a multitude of other sites and photo shop apps to prep your content for posting, you can do it all on the Gram. Hooray! Instagram has recently modified it’s editor settings so that your photos do not have to be formatted to the classic square shape. You have so many customization options and preferences waiting to be used!

Here’s to another 5 years of fabulous photos, hip hashtags, and fun filled following sprees. Happy Birthday Instagram!

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