Hashtag Your Business

Sep 9, 2015

How-To: New Ways to Use Hashtags

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When it comes to using social media, it is highly essential for readers to view your content and be able to access it conveniently. The hashtag is not just for Twitter anymore, but has taken flight from its earlier roots. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vine, and several other media outlets are using the # to appeal to consumers. This is probably something that we have all been well aware of.  More importantly is the reasoning behind it. Brand loyalty, promotion, and convenience are all factors contributing to the trendiest marketing craze of the century – hashtag your business. 

Hashtag Your Business

Brand Loyalty

When a company chooses to engage in the use of hashtags with its consumers, they are opening up a vast land of opportunity for communication. Because hashtags are so easy to use, companies that utilize the same hashtags consistently across the board are making it easier to access brand or product information. If a consumer searches or follows a brand on one social media outlet, they have an increased likelihood to do so on other media sites. It is quick, simple, and easy for companies to recycle and refurbish information content on one site and tailor it to the consumer on another site. Assuming that your branded audience on Facebook will be the same as your audience reached on Instagram or Twitter can be misleading. Facebook users may vary more in age and search engine knowledge, whereas loyal consumers who use Instagram or Twitter may be more adept to shorter posts, and “get to the point” forms of information. Using hashtags creates consistency for your business when it comes to topic knowledge, and yet, sends the same tailored message to consumers.


Getting audience attention is the first pivotal step in triggering an audience’s active response. Many consumers will look to see what is currently trending in the media. Using hashtags as a promotional tool can greatly help in fostering a participatory fan base. Everyone loves a good deal. If there is any sort of discount or sale, hashtagging can raise awareness for your promotion and business as a whole. If someone sees a friend use a promotional hashtag, in clicking the hashtag, they too, will learn about your company’s latest craze or deal.


Last, but certainly not least, is the sheer convenience that the use of hashtags has on consumers. Many times, people will not take the time to go to the computer, look up your company’s website, and continue to navigate to your contact page information to ask questions, or voice concerns. Hashtags break down the barrier between a company and its audience and serve as an excellent gateway tool to get your audience members to talk about your company’s product or service. Hashtags are essentially free publicity. Use hashtags to interact with your loyal users and get people talking. Buzz marketing, or word of mouth marketing, has always been one of the most useful advertising tactics around. By taking that same concept and adding a media spin on it for the year 2015, you’ve got yourself an excellent tool to #promoteyourbusiness and #satisfyyourcustomers.

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