Here’s Why Blogging Works

Aug 26, 2016

Tips to Overcoming Writer's BlockWe know that you know that blogging is important. You, of course, know all the benefits it has for your overall marketing strategy, your SEO, the additional clicks on your website. You’ve seen the positive impact blogging has had for competitors in your industry, and you want to bring your company up to speed.

You know what, though? Your boss doesn’t know any of this stuff. And that’s why you need to explain how and why blogging works. Sit down, have a conversation that begins with something like, “Listen. Here’s why blogging works. Our company should definitely be blogging.” and convince your boss that blogging is a worthwhile marketing tactic to pursue. Here’s why blogging works. Take this list and make it your own—it’s how you’ll convince upper management to jump on board.

Here’s Why Blogging Works

Numbers are always a good place to begin sharing with your boss. First, start with the statistics of blogging:

  1. B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not.
  2. By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human.
  3. Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

Second, battle for the practicality of blogging:

  1. Blogs provide value for your customers
  2. Blogs establish your company as an authority in the industry
  3. Blogs are one extra avenue of reaching out to new customers
  4. Blogging can create networking opportunities between your company and another
  5. Blogs increase your search engine visibility
  6. Blogging is regularly linked to a higher ROI
  7. Blogging only costs you time.

Of course, you’ll have to add all the detail to connect these individual points. Details like, “increasing search engine visibility means more people will see our website from a general Google search, since Google will rank our website higher with the additional inbound links and indexed pages we’ll create.” You can also throw in a line about “the more people visiting our website means the more leads we’ll receive. Our blog will establish us as a credible authority in our industry, and website visitors will be more likely to contact us because of it.” And, that first stat is sure to resonate: “More leads means more revenue for the company.”

So, yeah. That’s why blogging works. You might want to begin outlining your first blog post—because it won’t be too long before your boss is praising the blog and all the new leads it is bringing in! Want another 10 reasons? Check out this blog on Huffington Post 10 reasons you should start blogging.

Once you get the go-ahead, check out our blog post, “What to write about when you don’t know what to write about,” for tips on keeping your creativity flowing throughout the upcoming months of blogging.

Note: Most of these stats came from HubSpot’s 6 Stats You Should Know About Business Blogging in 2015. Check it out here