Hitting the Refresh on your Web Design

May 5, 2016

macbook-air-all-faded-and-stuffIt’s amazing how quickly time flies, isn’t it? Doesn’t it feel like you JUST finished your last web design? In this age of lightning fast change, Google updates by the day, and modern design with a very different look from old design, it only takes a handful of years before your website is out of date again. Is it time to hit the refresh button on your website design? We’re in the business of web design, especially Waukesha web design, and here are the trends we notice in terms of what makes a website current or not. If you’ve got a combination of 2-3 of the below elements, it might be time to start hitting the refresh on your web design.

Hitting the Refresh on your Web Design

Big, beautiful imagery

Stock photography has changed – for the better. There’s a plethora of free, unique stock photography out there, and designers are using it! Check out Unsplash, for example. This beautiful image is from there, by Sonja Langford.

Images in 2016 are of high quality, unique, big. They’re likely to only get bigger, too. Humans like images, and current design trends reflect that.

Rich Content

Storytelling on the web is becoming more intimate. It’s becoming more visual. Long-form articles and content are created with the goal of connecting with the reader. There’s a lot of content out there, and yours need to compete against all the other websites around it.

Strong Typography

More and more websites are incorporating unique fonts, visual hierarchies and strong, powerful statements into their designs.

Background Video

Like we said, humans like images. They like moving images even more. More and more websites are using video in the place of imagery as the main home page media. We’re seeing this trend more and more, and we’re thinking it’s only going to to grow as more companies learn how powerful video is in engaging viewers.

Full Screen Home Pages

michal-grosicki-228588Information that is below the fold doesn’t matter so much anymore. Why? Because people are used to scrolling and scrolling and scrolling with their thumb on mobile devices. That’s why you’ll see big imagery (which we already talked about) taking up almost everything above the fold. Supporting details of the home page follow, in rows of lesser and lesser importance as the pages scrolls down.

Mobile Friendly

You knew this already, I’m almost sure of it. This is the #1 reason to update your website, if you haven’t already. Read our blog post on “Prepare your Website for the Age of Mobile” here for the reason why.

We’re actually in the process of re-doing our website, too, so we know exactly how you feel. Didn’t we JUST create this site? Yes. Yes, we did. But we’re ready for a Waukesha web design refresh. Are you?