“How can my business use Instagram?”

Apr 20, 2015

"How can my business use Instagram?"

A recent image from Lululemon’s Instagram.

Take a peek at these stats for one second. Instagram has:

  • 300 million monthly active users
  • 2.5 billion likes daily
  • 70 million photos per day
  • 30+ billion photos shared

Sound like it might be a platform for your company? If you’re wondering “How can my business use Instagram?”pay attention for a list of some of the best ways to drive interaction and get your followers invested in your brand. 

10 Ways Your Business Can Use Instagram

1. Week in the Life

If you’re interested in growing company morale and connecting employees to each other, try “a week in the life” strategy. Share images of what other employees do – where they eat, how their office is set up, their favorite spot for cofffee.

2. Behind the Scenes

Everyone likes to have insider access. Give your customers a chance to see what your company is really like.

3. Tell Your Story

What’s the story of your brand? Is there a mission statement that should be shared with your followers? Our cover image is a recent one from Lululemon’s Instagram. They do a great job in portraying their lifestyle and brand vision through imagery.

4. Sneak Peeks

For the same reason as “Behind the Scenes,” everyone loves a good sneak peek. It’s compelling content!

5. Show off your Product

Why shouldn’t you? Your followers chose to follow you based on your product, so show them what you’re made of. But…don’t go too heavy-handed on this. Think soft-selling rather than hard-selling.

6. “How’s it made?”

Ever have customers wondering this question? Show them the answer! Think way, way back to the first steps of your product and document its journey into the hands of the consumer.

7. Here’s What It Does

Give your customers great ideas. What can they do with your product that they’ve never thought of before? Get creative.

8. Run a Contest

Keep it simple and fun. Your followers will love to get involved.

9. Cute Wins

Got an office dog? Fur-friends win Instagram over and over again. Share Fido to your followers – they’ll love him, too.

10. Travel with Us

Is your company representing at a trade show? Going to a conference? Bring Instagram with.


“How can my business use Instagram?” Let us number the ways. Think one or two of these ideas might work for your company? Brainstorm your ideas and see if Instagram will be a strong platform for your company.

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