How do I build up linking the right way?

Mar 23, 2015

How do I build up linking the right way?

One crucial step to link-building is building relationships.

The key part of building up inbound links to your website is making the inbound links high quality links. Perhaps you’ve heard of websites getting into trouble with Google because of linking? That type of linking is with low quality links, and those links really will get you into trouble. Instead building up high quality links. Why? There’s a number of benefits, like:

  • Builds your credibility in the eyes of search engines
  • Increases the organic rank of your website in search results
  • Increases the traffic to your website.

Building up high quality links will take some time, but it’s not a difficult process. If you’re wondering how to build up linking the right way, read on.

Build Up Linking the Right Way

Get on Directory Listings

This a simple process, but important. Make sure your company listing is accurate on all directories (think Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, etc.). Create new pages for your company if you’re not already listed.

Create a Google+ Local Page

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a local business. Get a Google+ page for your business. Not sure how to do this? Ask us! We’ll help.

Blog Consistently & Frequently

You already knew this one, didn’t you? Read here if you need a refresher.

Create Relationships

Keep your company at the top-of-mind of people who might want to link to you by building up relationships. This step is a long one (actually, it never really ends), but it’s one of the most valuable steps for the long haul.

Write a Guest Blog Post

Try partnering with another blog to trade writing guest posts. You’ll get to reach out to a new audience while simultaneously sending links back to your site.


Got interesting company news? Send it out to the media! Write up a press release (or let us help you) and reach out to the appropriate journalists. If you’re looking for more advice on public relations in Milwaukee, check out this blog post. 

Share on Social

Get more eyeballs on your content by sharing your blog posts on social.


Start by sharing the love. Link to other relevant and useful sites in your posts – they just might start linking to you!

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