How to Analyze If Your Content Is Working

Jul 8, 2015

How to Analyze If Your Content Is Working So, you’re in “full steam ahead” mode on creating content. And, even when you don’t have time to completely write a new blog, you take the time to revamp old blog posts. It goes without saying, you’re spending a lot of time writing content. But, how do you know if it’s working or not? How do you know if your content is driving traffic to your site and converting visitors into leads?

Today, we’re walking through how to analyze if your content is working. Read on to learn how to make your blog content work harder for you and your company.

How to Analyze If Your Content Is Working

1. Set SMART Goals

Remember what SMART Goals are? Learn about them in our recent blog post here.

 2. Identify Key Metrics

Start really, truly thinking about it: how will you measure if your content is working? Here are a few ways to keep track:

  • Landing Page visits
  • Conversions/Submissions
  • Social Media shares
  • Blog page views
  • Overall traffic to the blog
  • Inbound links
  • Keyword/search rankings

3. Establish Benchmarks

It’s hard to know if your content is working if you don’t have a beginning number (from your key metrics) and an ending number (also from one of your key metrics). When you’re beginning to analyze if your content is working, write down the key benchmark data.

4. Check Your Progress

Don’t just set a SMART goal, identify your key metrics, establish your benchmarks and then do NOTHING! Check your progress throughout to see if you need to make any adjustments. It might require a little extra effort to make sure you hit your goals.

5. Calculate Your Results

So, did your efforts pay off? Check your results consistently (you can decide how often based on what makes sense for your company) so that you can track trends and prepare for the future.