Jun 9, 2022

Consistency is key in marketing. Having cohesive content across all communication channels provides your internal and external publics with a clear image of your company and its mission. However, at times, consistency can start to feel redundant. How can you be consistent and avoid redundancy in your content? Keep reading to find out!

Why is Consistency Important in Marketing?

In any marketing strategy, you need to be consistent. What does consistency look like? Having consistency means that not only are you publishing content regularly, but your content itself also follows similar conventions across all platforms.

In Rebecca Riserbato’s article, “10 Benefits of Consistent, High-Quality Content Marketing,” at HubSpot, she discusses how consistent content marketing creates better connections with your audience, generates more quality leads, and even boosts your SEO. Consistency also sets the tone of your content, provides clear communication, and creates a cohesive brand image for your company.

Sets the Tone

Creating consistent content sets the tone for your company’s overall communication. This helps establish your brand voice so that in every publication, your tone and personality will be cohesive. Without this, your customers will be confused about your brand as the communication will appear unorganized and illogical.

To avoid this, create a brand personality and voice that works for all platforms–both informal and formal. This provides a set structure for all of your communication platforms and while the content and formality may vary, your overall voice will be the same.

Provides Clear Communication

Consistency provides clear communication across all platforms. Not only does it create a set schedule, but it also builds stronger relationships with your audience. By posting content and responding to comments regularly, you will show your customers you care. This also builds credibility as a consistent schedule and interaction with consumers reinforces the idea that your company prioritizes the customers’ experiences.

Creates a Cohesive Brand Image

You also gain a cohesive brand image with consistent content. Remember that consistency does not mean that your content is the same word for word across all of your platforms. However, you should also take advantage of well-written content. Sometimes the best way to communicate a message is in a way you already have. Just makes sure to adapt the language and format for the different platform you are using this content on. This will help you maintain a cohesive brand image as the content conveys a similar message across platforms.

When Does Consistency Turn Into Redundancy?

Consistency is vital to successful content marketing, however, if you’re not careful, your content could become redundant. This happens when there is no variety or creativity in your content. Cohesive messaging does not mean that everything is the same in writing or design. If it is, then your content is veering away from being consistent and is instead becoming redundant.

Lacks Variety

A lack of variety in content can make your content redundant. In order to be consistent and avoid redundancy, try to vary your content across platforms. Otherwise, your customers will become bored with your messages. While not every customer will follow multiple social media campaigns or read your blogs and other materials, many will read content across a variety of platforms. Therefore, if all the content is exactly the same, customers may perceive you as lazy. A lack of variety in content also reduces your creativity, which is not a benefit to your company.

Reduces Creativity

Redundant content reduces the creativity of your organization. Customers want to be drawn in, so when you publish all the same content, you actually push customers away. If you feel your content is lacking creativity, then it is likely it is redundant. Cohesive content can and should focus on similar topics, but make sure the content itself is presented in the best way for that platform.

Social media especially should be light and fun. Highlight the customer experience and think outside the box on how to do so. With there being so many social media platforms, it can be challenging to write entirely original content for each platform. To solve this problem, there are tactics you can use to be creative and avoid redundancy.

How Can I be Consistent and Avoid Redundancy in My Content?

In order to be consistent and avoid redundancy in your content, you need to set goals for each of your platforms. If you don’t know what you hope to achieve from each communication channel, your content will be misguided and ineffective. Make sure you are writing and creating visuals for each platform that suit the platform and your goals.

Set Goals for Each Platform

As stated above, setting goals for each platform is crucial for your company to be consistent and avoid redundancy in its content. By setting achievable goals, you will be able to better focus your content. Maybe you focus on more business-to-business relations on LinkedIn and then have more family-oriented content on Facebook and Twitter. Your audience will change from platform to platform, so make sure your goals align with those shifts.

Some platforms also may be more of a marketing and advertising focus while others may be focused on public relations. Understanding what you want your communication to accomplish is the best way to create quality cohesive content.

Write for the Platform

Once you have your goals set, then write for that platform using those goals. Now, it is okay to reuse content. Some platforms will have similar goals, so it makes sense the content will be the same. It can be helpful to test new content ideas on multiple platforms to see where it is the most effective. If you are just starting on social media, having the same content on other platforms is a good strategy. You need to get a feel for your audience before you can better target your messaging.

Create Striking Visuals

Visuals are another way you can be consistent and avoid redundancy. Most companies have brand guidelines that dictate fonts and color pallets to use for visual content. This creates cohesion across all of your platforms. With these guidelines, you can still be creative! Maybe you have more fun images and graphics on your social media and more series and straightforward images on your website. Your design should be cohesive and speak to the platform.

To create an effective content marketing strategy, be consistent and avoid redundancy in your content. In doing so, you will gain your customers’ trust and build a stronger relationship with them. Having cohesive yet creative content is crucial for success in content marketing.

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