How to Dive Into Video Marketing

Jan 12, 2015

How to Dive Into Video Marketing

Photo Credit: Del Amitri via Compfight cc

Did you know that video is quickly becoming the most consumed type of content on the web? To exemplify, online video traffic will be 55% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016, worldwide.

We like to watch videos because they bring a human element to business. When you see a video explaining the tax filing process, you want to watch that, rather than read the dozen paragraphs it would take to describe the same process. Videos convey lots of information in an engaging way. Videos are personable. They stick in viewers’ minds longer than the written words does. They make an emotional connection with the viewer. In short, videos are great marketing tools.

Video marketing is most effective when it’s a part of your overall marketing strategy. Take the time to thoroughly sketch out your goals for the videos. Look into all aspects of your marketing – email, social media, website and more. And, when you’re ready, dive into video marketing.

We say “dive in” because video marketing can seem scary at first – like taking a leap of faith off a diving board. Today, we’ll assuage your fears by teaching you all the steps how to dive into video marketing. Follow these and your first video will be live in less than a week. Consider that a challenge. 

How to Dive Into Video Marketing

1. Start out by creating low-risk videos.

You don’t need – or want – your first video to go viral. You don’t want to tackle hard-to-answer topics at your first go-around. Instead, try making a video for a blog post. Or, include a video in your next email campaign. Or, use videos as testimonials of exceptional service.

Takes the weight off your first video, doesn’t it?

2. Make videos built off of preexisting content.

Not every video needs to be earth-shatteringly new. Revisit an old topic. Explain your company’s origins again. Expand on last week’s blog post.

3. Focus on content over production quality.

Keep the content clear, helpful and engaging. If the topic is fascinating, your audience won’t mind the minimal graphics and average lighting.

4. Think about your overall video marketing goals.

Remember why you set out to dive into video marketing in the first place. Remember your goals as you decide on a topic, create your script, film your video. You’re doing this for a great reason, so stop putzing! Your first video won’t be perfect – we can guarantee that – but it’s the stepping-stone to future videos. You’ll learn and improve every time.