How to Get Creative When You Don’t Feel Creative

Mar 13, 2015

How to Get Creative when You Don't Feel Creative “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” –Maya Angelou

In this marketing world that we live in, creativity is the core, the center of our universe. Creativity is the sun, and we are a mere planet, circling it day after day. Sometimes, the sun lights our way. Sometimes, our creative paths are dark. And sometimes you have to be creative even when you don’t feel any creativity coming forth from within. Here’s how to get creative when you don’t feel creative. 

How to Get Creative When You Don’t Feel Creative

1. Make Time for It

Open, freely communicating environments actually diminish creativity. Instead, schedule time for yourself to be creative. Find – or make- a place that you can be alone and let the creative juices flow.

2. Smile

Turn that frown upside down! The benefits of humor include increased energy and…wait for it…creativity. Laughter – it’s more powerful than you thought.

3. Stop with the Unproductive Meetings

Yes, we’re looking at “brainstorming” sessions here. If you’re in a group that feels comfortable together and really does think of ideas, vocalizes them and builds upon them with big and better ideas, then sure. Keep having brainstorming meetings. Otherwise, though, stick to individual creative sessions, one-on-one with yourself.

4. Set a Timer

Feeling the pressure yet? Forcing yourself to make quick decisions can force creativity at the same time. You have to work around a challenge, like a time constraint, so your brain starts problem-solving.

5. Work in your PJs

Are you more or less productive when you work in your comfy clothes? Depends on the task, it turns out. This report on telecommuting from the Wall Street Journal found that people are 11 to 20% more productive on creative projects when working in their pajamas.

HubSpot has a few additional ideas for you, too. Click here to see more ways to get creative.

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