How to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

Jun 12, 2015

Best Practices

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Your LinkedIn Company Page is an online beacon for both prospective customers and prospective employees. As such, it is a truly unique space on the web, one that blurs the lines between knowledge-sharing platform and relationship-building tool.

To help you make the most of your LinkedIn Company Page, we’ve come up with 7 ways of how to improve your LinkedIn company page. These are 7 areas for easy improvement – you just have to take the time to do it. The best part about this list? It comes straight from the horse’s mouth – er, that is to say, LinkedIn has written these tips themselves, so you know they’re good. Today, we’re playing a game of “LinkedIn Says” to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn company page.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

1. Company Overview

LinkedIn Says:

“Make it easy for the right people to find your Company Page by adding SEO terms in the description and ‘Specialties’ sections.”

2. Logo & Banner

LinkedIn Says:

“Keep your Company Page fresh with rich cover images that reflect your company’s accomplishments, events, and offerings.”

3.  Careers Page

LinkedIn Says:

“Studies show that a strong employer brand can cut cost per hire by over 50%. Use rich media  (like video) on your Careers Page to showcase yours.”

4. Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Says:

“For business lines or initiatives with unique messaging and audience segments, consider creating a dedicated LinkedIn Showcase Page.”

5. Featured Groups

LinkedIn Says:

“Tie all of your LinkedIn communities together by using Featured Groups to show Groups you manage or participate in on your Company Page.”

6. Company Updates

LinkedIn Says:

“Every like, comment, and share increases your reach. Prompt your followers to take action on your updates by asking thoughtful questions.”

7. Page Analytics

LinkedIn Says:

“Get insight into what’s working and what’s not by using Company Page Analytics to test frequency, topics, and formats.”

You don’t have to tromp all over LinkedIn’s help pages to find their best advice – you’ve got it right here. Reference this blog anytime you’re wanting to improve your company’s LinkedIn company page and need some good advice.

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