How to Increase your Conversion Rates on Social

Jun 9, 2016

Inbound Marketing Sales FunnelFirst of all, it goes without saying (but we’re saying it anyway) that you’re not necessarily on social to convert leads into customers. Actually, if that’s your sole purpose for being there, it’s time to re-think your tactics. Social is a great accompaniment to an overall marketing strategy, but it’s not so good at pulling in leads on its own.

Now that we’ve removed the elephant from the room, we can start talking about increasing your conversion rates on social. Because, well, every little bit helps, doesn’t it? The following is a list of easy ways to increase your conversion rates on social. Combine these with your general social media best practices (read more about those here) and you have a strong recipe for success. And, who knows? You might just start converting leads after all. 

How to Increase your Conversion Rates on Social

Run discounts, special offers and/or perks

Use any of the above that makes sense for your brand. If you’re willing to give something, your audience will be more willing to give something, too (like name, phone, email address, etc.). Run a small special offer and see what comes of it.

Remind your audience to sign up for your newsletter

This is an easy CTA to include every once in awhile. Try something like, “Enjoying what you see here? Get more of it by signing up for our newsletter!” You may even want to include details like frequency, day or days of arrival and commonly-discussed topics.

Write a catchy headline

This point matters more than you’d think. First, the eye is drawn to imagery. Second, the eye is drawn to the headline. Make it a good one.

Run some reconnaissance

What are your competitors doing? Could you do something they’re doing, but better?

Post current client reviews and testimonials

This last point might not lead to a conversion right away on social, but it might lead to a conversion later, down the conversion pipeline. Unfortunately, you probably won’t know whether or not your posts of testimonials did any good. But, they’re definitely not hurting anything, and they’re just one more touch point for making an impression on your leads.

Now that you’ve learned how to increase your conversion rates on social, which of these do you think you’ll incorporate first? They’re so easy:  you can probably incorporate them all right away. If you do, let us know if you see an increase in your conversion rates, especially on social. Then, let us know which technique worked the best for you. Good luck!