How to Make Your Blog Content Work Harder

Nov 12, 2014

how to make your blog content work harder

Think your blog is working hard already? We bet it can work harder.
Photo Credit: Ruth and Dave via Compfight cc

When you’re putting in the effort to make a fantastic blog, you want the content you’re creating to have exponential positive impact for your company overall. It’s not enough to just write a blog; you also have to make your blog content work harder for you. Wondering how to do that? We’ll teach you how to make your blog content work harder in just five quick steps. Starting…now!

How to Make Your Blog Content Work Harder

1. Re-purpose content.

Does this sound familiar? Good – it should. Last week, I talked about how to reuse blog content. It’s a multistage process, with best practices for updating and republishing old posts, so click over to that article if you need a refresher.

2. Use a recommendation engine.

You know what we’re talking about here, right? Know how when you’re shopping on Amazon, and at the bottom of the page are “Recommended Products?” That’s what we’re talking about. “Liked what you read? Check out this article on ______ here.” No, not everyone will click to read more of your blog posts. But, for that person who is really engaged in a certain subject, you will not only have helped him or her out, but you’ll have gotten extra clicks on your site for your company. And, who knows where those extra clicks will lead? To a qualified lead, perhaps?

3. Re-promote again on social media.

Oh, you already tweeted out the news about your latest blog post? Tweet it again! The key is to change up your tagline with each tweet. Perhaps your first tweet (or Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ post) didn’t engage many people simply because of the angle you took on it. Try a different one and see what happens.

Re-promoting works especially well on Twitter, since you want to be sending out many more tweets than posts, anyway. Try using Twitter as your A/B testing, applying the results on your other social platforms.

4. Test out lead-gen offers on your blog.

Here’s another opportunity for A/B testing. Which lead-generation offer performs better on your blog? Test it out, and then use the results on the rest of your website pages.

5. Make your blog post accessible for employees to share.

You know that your fellow employees are on social. Why not have them help you out? Make it easy on them by sending an internal email with the blog link…and maybe even a pre-formulated tagline. They probably won’t go to your blog and post the news from there, but they might do it when all they have to do is click a button on their email. And, if that’s the case, your blog is reaching a much wider audience, and all organically, too.


These five best practices are fairly simple ways of making your blog content work harder for your company. It won’t take you a lot of time to implement these tips, but the reward can be tremendous. For that reason alone, reference this list of how to make your blog content work harder again and again – it’ll be right here for you.