How To Make Your Landing Pages Even Better

Dec 8, 2014

How To Make Your Landing Pages Even Better

Is there too much turbulence in your landing (pages)? Photo Credit: caribb via Compfight cc

Are you using landing pages? For the purpose of the this blog, we’re assuming that the answer is “yes.” This post is a more detailed look into landing pages, so if you’re just starting to dabble, stay tuned. We’ll have a “basics” of landing pages ready for you soon.

Back to the original question…if you’re using landing pages, what’s your conversion rate? Are you looking for a way to “up” your rate? We’ve got a number of ways listed to help you optimize your landing pages. You’ll learn how to make your landing pages even better, because, as always, there’s always room for improvement. Optimizing your landing pages also helps you to measure your marketing effectiveness, and that’s always a good thing.

How to Make Your Landing Pages Even Better

1. Watch for friction in your design.

Is the design on your landing pages pleasing to the eye? Is there a clear eye-path for viewers to follow? What’s the button design like? Is the landing page information well-organized, or are your viewers confused? Ask for a third-party opinion if you’re having trouble answering these questions.

2. Make your headlines stronger.

Re-evaluate your headlines for improvement. Speak to what your landing pages offer and speak to it concisely. Your visitors should know exactly what your landing page offers within a matter of seconds – simply from reading your headline (and subheading, too).

3. Include social share buttons – and promote social sharing.

Include the right social buttons for your offer. Don’t include social buttons if it doesn’t make sense for your audience – you don’t want to overwhelm them.

However, you can promote social sharing by adding text next to your social share buttons. Try something like “Like this offer? Show your co-workers on LinkedIn.”

4. Use the right image for your landing page.

What imagery is going to speak to your audience the most? What imagery best matches the offer? Powerful imagery can do powerful things for your conversion rate, so spend time figuring out the perfect imagery for every landing page.

You’re welcome to get creative, too. Try using more than one image, GIFS, video, infographics, etc.

5. Challenge yourself.

How many of your landing pages include a button which states “Download Now,” or “Submit”? We challenge you to get rid of all “download now” buttons. Instead, try call-to-action words like “Get Your Free Calendar Now!”, “Yes, I do want a free trial of ___” or “Send me my recipes!”

Additionally, you can be constantly challenging yourself with A/B testing. Try switching up the color scheme of your landing page. Then, see if that version performs better. Try changing the type of offer that you provide on your landing page. Try asking for different contact information from your visitors. Only play around with one change at once, though – otherwise, you won’t know which change improved your results.

If these seem overwhelming, these tips on how to make your landing pages even better, don’t fret. Implement one change at a time and work on really improving the ones you already have before moving on to new landing pages. The tweaking is what makes all the difference, and you’ll see your company’s conversion rate inch upwards a little at a time.