How To Manage Your Social Media Over Holidays

Nov 24, 2014

How To Manage Your Social Media Over Holidays

Photo Credit: Sugar Daze via Compfight cc

We can’t wait – Thanksgiving is almost here! Other than the mid-week holiday, we’re looking forward to the all-out holiday festivity that begins right after Thanksgiving. Of course, I’ve already been in the holiday spirit: Christmas music has been on since the second week of November!

The holidays mean extra days away from the office, but, as I’m sure you’ve already realized, some things must continue to go on, namely social media. When you’re in charge of your company’s social media, it can be a balancing act of staying on top of social profiles and enjoying time with family and friends. How do you manage both in a way that makes it a win-win for both parties? Don’t worry; there is a way to manage your social media over the holidays without giving up seconds at Thanksgiving dinner. Read on for our best tips.

How To Manage Your Social Media Over Holidays

1. Schedule ahead of time.

If you’re not already doing this for your social media profiles, the holidays are a perfect time to take scheduling for a trial run. Use a platform like HootSuite, Hubspot or even Facebook’s scheduling tool. Read more about scheduling best practices in this blog post.

2. Embrace the holiday.

Make your content about the holiday! Generally speaking, your audience isn’t going to be interested in reading deep educational content about your company from their post-dinner recliner. They may, however, share a bunch of fun facts about Thanksgiving with their friends. Quick, shareable content is the key to engagement over the holidays.

3. Set up instant alerts.

I have the HootSuite app set up on my phone, and I receive instant notifications when one of our clients receives a mention on their Twitter account. Many times, it’s a minor notification that doesn’t need any further attention, but I have peace of mind, knowing that everything is not falling to pieces in my absence. It only takes an instant to look down and check out the alert, and I know that I’m able to handle an emergency, should one arise.

4. “We’re enjoying the holiday with our family and friends.”

There’s no harm in telling your fans and followers what you are up to this holiday. They’ll know that you’re a person, too, and taking time out for family and thanks-giving.

It’s only Monday, so you have plenty of time to get these action items set up for this Thanksgiving. And, if you have any questions or need help, just holler. We’ll be here all week…or at least until Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving!