How to Market a “Boring” Brand

Mar 8, 2017

How to Market a "Boring" Brand

There are certain products or services that you just can’t make sound any more exciting than they are – or aren’t. You try and try to glamorize your social media posts, but it never seems to work. You might even think that your business just isn’t meant for social media. Do not lose hope. Boring brands can still be effectively marketed on social media platforms. It simply takes a slightly different approach. Learn how to market a “boring” brand here. 

How to Market a “Boring” Brand 

If you can’t be exciting, be helpful.

We read the instructions for how to put together the desk we just bought. Is it a fun read? No, but it helps us to accomplish a task. Likewise, if you can’t make your marketing content exciting, then at least show the value that you provide or teach the reader how to do something. Educate the reader. A small piece of industry advice can be stated in one sentence or maybe a few. You don’t have to write a book. Just write clearly and concisely, without the use of jargon that might turn away less informed readers.

Your brand may not be interesting, but are you? 

Everyone business has a story. The people of the company are the living, breathing personalities that give it color. Tell a story. Are any of your employees active in the community? Humanize your brand. People will be able to relate to you more, even if they aren’t fascinated by your product. Social media is a great place to connect and build brand loyalty.

Be funny. 

Incorporate humor in some of your posts, even if its totally unrelated to your products or services. Sometimes it’s okay to be off-topic. You don’t need to pitching yourself 24/7. Lighten up, and make your followers laugh a little.

Spice it up with visuals. 

If you can’t drum up enthusiasm for words, then say what you need to say through visuals. It could be a graphic with text, or an eye-catching photo. Using different mediums to convey your point will at least keep your feed from being too boring.

Never be ashamed of your brand. Find its exciting side and flaunt it.