How to Market Your Blog With Email

Oct 31, 2014

How to Market Your Blog With Email

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Yesterday, I talked about marketing your blog through social media. And, as I was blogging along, it got me thinking…what about marketing your blog with email? I could write a whole new post about marketing your blog through email. And, here we are.

Email has proven over and over again how effective it is as a marketing tool. Email has been around the block a time or two, but, unlike MySpace, people still check their email. Your clients are likely already reading the emails you send, so why not get more of them reading your blog? Used properly, promoting your blog via email can get you and your company’s blog a steady source of new subscribers.

How to Market Your Blog With Email

Market the Subscription to Your Blog

Have you told your clients that they can subscribe to your blog? Maybe they don’t even know yet! Send out a great email, telling them the many benefits they’ll receive from subscribing to your blog.

Make a Landing Page for Your Blog

In your emails marketing your blog, don’t just send a link to your blog page. Send your readers to a designated landing page. You’ll find that many more clients convert on landing pages than when you make them find the “Subscribe” button on their own.

How to Market your blog with email

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Start Making Blog CTAs

If you’re already including call to action at the bottom of your webpages, maybe it’s time to make “Subscribe to our blog” as a secondary CTA. And, if you don’t have CTAs on your website (if you don’t, we should talk), make “Subscribe to our blog” a quick and easy beginner CTA. Get your viewers’ eyeballs on that “Subscribe” button and you’ll start seeing click-throughs.

Have Landing Pages? Include “Subscribe”

Another great place to highlight your blog subscription is on the landing pages that you’re already using. Add a CTA to subscribe to your blog in that location, too.


You’ll notice that all of these tips revolve around a central theme – tell your clients about your blog. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you’re consistently creating great content. Make sure that you are creating great content, and you’ll win subscribers for life, frequent visitors and even a qualified lead or two.