How to Organically Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Oct 30, 2014

How to Organically Promote your Blog on Social Media

This puppy will make sense to you very soon.
Photo Credit: Terry Bain via Compfight cc

We’ve all heard that organic reach on social (especially Facebook) is slowly dying away. But, that doesn’t mean you should give up the organic efforts on your company’s social media platforms. It just means that you should be giving your social media posts all the extra oomph that you can.

Organically promoting your blog on social media can not only increase page interaction for all of your social sites, but promoting it organically might also gain your blog new followers…which can then lead to establishing your company’s voice as thought leadership in your industry. See this chain reaction we’re setting off here? It won’t come overnight (it might actually take years of solid, quality content writing), but by following these guidelines on how to organically promote your blog on social media, you’ll be doing your blog (and your social media) a world of good.


How to Organically Promote Your Blog on Social Media


Actively Seek Engaging Featured Images

It’s imagery that attracts the eyes. If you need more evidence, reference “How to Pick the Right Imagery for your Blog Post,” or “How to Leverage Your Images on Facebook for Interaction,” or even “Insider Tip: The Best Places to Find Imagery for your Blog.” You’ll find plenty of advice on picking powerful imagery once you start looking.

But, this time, our advice goes a little deeper than that. When possible, feature images of babies, baby animals and delicious food (not at the same time).

Babies. Baby animals. Food.

Your viewers likes to see them, so, if it makes sense in your blog, use it! You’re likely to notice an uptick in interaction just because of your cute and/or mouth-watering imagery. Now our puppy image makes sense, doesn’t it?

Don’t Just Publish What Facebook Pulls In

You know how Facebook pulls a picture from your post when you’re sharing a link on the platform? You’ll get a lot more attention if you post a picture, and then include the link to your blog in the post. Here. We’ll show you.

how to organically promote your blog on social media, in line imagery


See how this picture of our blog imagery is tiny in this version? To make your imagery really pop, do what’s pictured below…especially when you really want to drive attention.

how to organically promote your blog on social media, large imagery

Create Custom Visualizations

Sometimes, there’s no photo out there which really works for your blog post. Create your own! Or maybe you need an infographic, but no one has made one to suit your specifications. Create your own! It doesn’t need to be complicated – sometimes just working in PowerPoint can do the trick.

Use Humor

Humor works. When it’s fitting to the situation, use it. If you’re concerned that your audience isn’t the right fit for humorous posts, try it out and see. A lot of social media success comes from trial and error. You won’t know unless you try.

There you have it – how to organically promote your blog on social media. Let us know which of these tips works best for you. And, if you’re looking for a way to keep track of all the blog posts you’re creating day after day, download our free Editorial Calendar below. It’s RedMoxy tested and approved!