How to Pick the Right Topic for Your Blog

Nov 5, 2014

How to pick the right topic for your blog

These are some great titles. Pick the right one for your blog, too. Photo Credit: AbhijeetRane via Compfight cc

A major part of getting eyeballs on your blog is choosing a topic and accompanying title that attracts an audience. How do you know if you’re writing about the things that your viewers want to read? Today, we’re going to conduct a little topic analysis, teaching you how to pick the right topic for your blog. There’s a couple of tidbits that we’ve discovered, and we think you’ll find them useful as you continually tweak, revise and refine your company’s blog.

How to Pick the Right Topic for Your Blog


Choose Content with a Purpose

It’s a little bit of a toss-up – should your first priority be writing content that furthers the goals of the blog, or should your first priority be writing content that your audience wants to read? Ideally, your content should fulfill both. If you’re finding this isn’t usually the case, you might want to reassess the goals for your blog, and maybe who your target audience is/should be.

Create content that you’re proud of. If you’re proud of it, it’s likely already fulfilling your blog’s goals and providing worthwhile information to your readers.

Readers Click on Negative Titles…

Consider picking a topic which relates to a negativity. HubSpot found that more of their blog posts were clicked on when the titles were negative. Do a little testing – do your readers do the same?

…but Readers like Inspiration over Negativity

The caveat to the previous point is that readers, in the end, prefer inspiration over negativity. So, even if your title is a negative, make sure to provide educational content to accompany it. It’s kind of like giving the bad news before the good. You still want to give the good news.

Let’s look at an example. A negative title might state “10 Reasons Why Your Boss will Zone Out During Your Next Presentation.” Your readers will probably click on the title, wanting to know what they’re doing wrong during their presentations, but they won’t finish reading your blog with a good feeling unless you tell them how to fix it.

Keep these suggestions in mind as you draft up your next blogs, and let us know if you notice a difference in your traffic and engagement!