10 Ways How to Promote Your Blog Posts

Feb 23, 2015

How to promote your blog postsWe talked last week about 10 ways to get more clicks on your tweets. Today, let’s talk about ways to promote your blog posts. As you’ve probably heard by now, it’s one thing to create great content – educational, helpful, relevant – but it’s another thing to push the content out so that others can read it. Here’s a comprehensive list of how to promote your blog posts.

How to Promote Your Blog Posts

1. Create Original Images

It’ll draw the eyes of your readers.

2. Create Visual Content

The more inherently visual your content is, the more likely your readers will check it out.

3. Build Relationships

If you really know your audience, they’ll be looking for your new content. And they’ll be sharing it, too.

4. Use Social Media

Use it to engage your audience, not to spam them. In general, be human about sharing your content.

5. Send Emails

Make them personal. Segment your email lists so that the right content is going to the proper contacts.

6. Timing

Share content when your audience is active and engaged, whether it be on their email or their social networks. Share your content on many places, too. Have you tried sharing on Pinterest yet?

7. Tweeting

Send out tweets at intervals. Send out the same content, but at varying times throughout the day. You’ll increase your overall traffic, since the majority of  your followers aren’t likely to see your content if you only tweet it once.

8. Promote Old Content

Don’t forget about the content that you’ve already published – share the old and the new! Think of all the new subscribers who haven’t had a chance to check it out yet…

9. Utilize Design

Make your blog posts pretty to look at. Use different heading sizes. Make headlines and sub-headlines. Use call-out boxes. In short, make your content easy to read on the fly.

10. Make it Searchable

Did you use the right keywords in your content? Good. But your work isn’t over yet – remember to optimize for social media posts, too. Keywords count there, too.

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