How to Set Up Landing Pages to Get Leads

Aug 3, 2015

Photo Credit: caribb via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: caribb via Compfight cc

Is your website using landing pages? Perhaps we should ask another crucial question first – do you know know what a landing page is? A landing page is a web page within your main website that allows you to gather a visitor’s information (think a name, email address, possibly a phone number) through a form. A landing page will allow visitors to download a content offer, like an ebook, or to sign up for an offer, like a free trial or consultation call. Most importantly, a landing page is important because it allows you to target your audience, offer them something of value (that’s the offer), turn a site visitor into a lead  and entice the lead to move further down your marketing sales cycle. 

It’s quite probable that you’re already using a landing page. Do you have a Contact page on your website? Do you have a form that allows a site visitor to get in touch with you? Then you’ve got a basic landing page of sorts already set up on your page! You can check out our version at the image below (or right here).

How to Set Up Landing Pages to Get Leads

To make a really great landing page, however, there’s more to it. You’ll want a landing page to target the right audience and to be attractive enough to cause a site visitor to fill out the form. How do you set up landing pages in the right way to get leads? Here’s how.

How to Set Up Landing Pages to Get Leads

Think of the many places a site visitor could come from. Perhaps they’ve clicked to your website from a post on Facebook. Or, maybe they read your email newsletter and are landing on your site after clicking through. Those two site visitors are very different from each other, so you’ll want to create a landing page that speaks to each of them. Build a unique landing page for every offer that a site visitor might click to.

Now that you’re in the mindset of building unique landing pages, focus on answering specific questions on your landing pages. These are the questions your site visitors will have, so you’re eliminating friction by answering them right away.

What exactly is being offered?

What benefit will I get out of this offer?

What’s the point of getting the offer right now?

How will I get the offer after I fill in my contact information?

Keep in mind: you want these questions to be answered instantaneously. If your site visitor has to search around for the answers, he or she is more likely to click off before filling out contact information. Our word of advice? When you set up landing pages to get leads, have a pair of objective eyeballs look at the landing page before you make it live. Ask the person connected to those objective eyeballs to answer these four questions. If he or she can’t…well, you have some revising to do.


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