How to Solve Your Top Troubles with Instagram

Jul 27, 2015

How to Solve Your Top Troubles with InstagramYou LOVE Instagram. It’s so fun to scroll down, down, down, checking up on your friends, your style icons, your fitness inspirations. You love finding that perfectly artistic pose to post to your own Instagram. You love to watch the number of “double taps” go up, up, up. It’s just…when it comes to using Instagram for your business, this super-fun, user-friendly platform becomes a bear to wrangle day after day.

Not anymore. Luckily, there’s many Instagrammers who have had the same trouble you’ve had. As a result, there’s all sorts of tools you can use to improve your Instagram experience. Choose the tool the best solves your worst trouble (as listed below), or use a multitude of tools to solve every problem you’ve ever had. Either way, read on to figure out how to solve your top troubles with Instagram.

How to Solve Your Top Troubles with Instagram

instagram_following_creatingTrouble: Switching accounts between your personal Instagram and your company’s Instagram

Is there anything more frustrating than having to log in and out of Instagram? I’m sure there is, but when you’re in the moment, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. The solution?


It’s an iOS app (for free!) that allows you to switch between accounts to share, comment and like photos. Other similar apps include Multigram and Primary, though those apps aren’t free.

Note: All of these apps work to monitor content, but they don’t have the capability of uploading content. When you’re uploading a picture, you’ll have to log in and out of your accounts. A bummer, we know.


This app is for Android users. It allows you to switch between accounts and BONUS – allows you to post content, too.


Do you use your desktop to check out your Instagram feeds? Try out using Gramfeed as a web-based app to flip between accounts.

Trouble: Posting in Real Time at the Right Time when you have No Time

Sure, sure: you should post your company’s photos at the optimal time. But what about when you have, you know, work to do? Enter:


A free app that schedules posts for future dates. It’ll send you a notification when it’s time to post. You’ll open the notification, and it’ll automatically send you to Instagram, where your photo is ready and waiting to be posted. You hit “post.” That’s it.

Other great options include OnlyPult and Postso.

Trouble: Managing all the Comments

It’s a great “trouble” to have – people are commenting on your photos! Yay! – but it’s hard to stay on top of. That’s why there’s…


This app (for $1.99) organizes all of your incoming comments. You can see the comments on your last 20 posts. You can see the comments you have not yet replied to. You can reply to multiple commenters at once.


A free app that does so much more than tell you which comments you haven’t yet replied to. It also has a desktop version, so you can comment, like and follow from the big screen (and the full keyboard!).


Here’s another desktop application. Though you can’t post from it, you can comment and like photos straight from your desktop.

 Trouble: Tracking Analytics

It’s hard to stay on top of everything, but your boss is gonna wanna know. Try using:


That’s right – we’ve talked about this one before! It also includes useful analytics. We strongly suggest you check this app out.


You can track statistics through this free app – statistics like most-liked photos, engagement-to-follower rates, and comments-per-post rates. You can also use this app on desktop (hello, big screen!).

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Which app will you begin using? Did we miss one of your most frustrating top troubles on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!