How to Use Social Media: a Manufacturer’s Guide

Dec 26, 2018

In one of our most recent blogs, we discussed how to use successfully use Twitter as a manufacturing company. No doubt, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms because of how instant and recent its information. However, it’s certainly possible that this just isn’t the proper platform for your business when exploring social media. One of the biggest mistake a business can make on social media is to have too many accounts. There’s a good chance that one business’s target audience is heavily involved in every single one, so it is best to pick out a few and focus on them. In this article, we’ll offer some other options for social media platforms as well as tips to make them a beneficial experience.

How to Use Social Media: a Manufacturer’s Guide


It seems that many people believe LinkedIn is a place where potential employees go who are looking for a way to make their professional profiles public. That is unquestionably a great way to use it – almost like a “professional Facebook profile,” if you will. But this is a platform that manufacturers and other B2B companies can find great value in. Creating and managing a LinkedIn profile for your business is great because interested clients and other businesses may be looking for a convenient place to get in touch. It’s also a great place for sharing information, such as your company’s upcoming business plans or congratulating a fellow employee on a difficult project done well.


Facebook has consistently remained one of the most popular social media sites since its inception, especially within the United States. You can do well by Facebook, but there are plenty of pitfalls you could fall into when posting and engaging with followers. For example, LinkedIn is, perhaps, a little “cleaner” than Facebook right now largely because it is less cluttered with unwanted advertising. If you’ve done your research and have determined that much of your consumer base and target audience is on Facebook, your next step is to find out when it’s the best time to post. This can get relatively complicated based on demographics, location, and other dividing factors, so make sure you do the necessary analysis to discover when it’s the best times of the day and days of the week to post organizational content.


An alarming statistic might already be enough to convince you to start up an active business profile on YouTube: Four times as many people would prefer to watch a video rather than taking the time to read the same information in an article. This makes sense because we live in an age when people don’t want to waste time on social media platforms. They log in to them to be entertained or to find answers to their questions, and a video is the best way to accomplish this. It takes far less effort to sit, watch, and listen to a creative video production than it does to focus on an article, especially on a mobile device where these people may have to strain their eyes. Posting videos is an emerging social media trend, not just on YouTube but most social media platforms.


Additional Tips

Two key tips to making sure your social media accounts are succeeding and producing the way they should be are to devote a budget to social media and evaluate it consistently. Even spending a few hours per week can be the difference in engaging material and content that just isn’t reaching the audience. This ties into consistent evaluating: keep doing what’s working and adjust what isn’t. Eventually, you’ll develop a great social media routine specifically beneficial to your business.

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