How to Write Perfect Posts for LinkedIn

Dec 22, 2014

How to Write Perfect Posts for LinkedInI’ve found that LinkedIn is often overlooked as a social platform by businesses. Sure, it’s easy enough to establish a company page (according to LinkedIn,  over 4 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages), but is your company regularly taking advantage of the platform as a place to promote thought leadership and establish a professionally engaged audience?

If not, there’s an easy way to get started: start posting regular updates onto LinkedIn. Your engagement will certainly begin to rise, especially once you learn how to write perfect posts for LinkedIn and your audience there. This post is a good starting place, with best practices you can start utilizing immediately.

How to Write Perfect Posts for LinkedIn

First, a quick overview.

You can write four different types of posts on LinkedIn: status, photo, link and video link. We suggest you try out all of them and take note of the type of update your audience responds to best.

Try posting at different times to see if there’s correlation between engagement and post time. Try posting just before the work day begins and at noon, to start. Those are the best times for a lot of companies, but you won’t know for sure until your try for yourself.

Best Practices for LinkedIn

Keep your link titles under 70 characters. You can click on the link to edit the title before posting. You’re welcome to change the title anytime, but you’ll definitely want to when the title is over 70 characters. Make it shorter, or the rest will be cut off when you post it.

Keep link descriptions under 250 characters. Anything after 250 characters is cut off with an ellipsis.

Share links – they get a lot of engagement.

Share images – they get more comments.

Share video – they get more shares.

Share an update about 1x per day. LinkedIn found that publishing 20 posts per month allows you to reach 60% of your audience.


See? Learning how to write perfect posts for LinkedIn isn’t tough, and these best practices aren’t very hard to implement. To sum up: Post one status update a day. Remember to optimize for time, length and the type of engagement you are looking for. In the end, it’s a matter of trial and error for what works in your industry with your audience. Let the LinkedIn perfect updates begin!