How to Write the Best Tweets on Twitter

Mar 2, 2015

How to Write the Best Tweets on TwitterTweeting is actually a kind of art form. You wouldn’t think so much thought would be necessary to craft tweets that get engagement from your followers…but it is very necessary. Maybe writing tweets comes naturally to you, and the retweets and favorites just come rolling in every time you hop on Twitter. Maybe, though, you’d rather look at tweeting as a science. If you’re in this latter group like us, keep reading. We’ve got the formula to show you how to write the best tweets on Twitter. 

How to Write the Best Tweets on Twitter


It’s a simple formula, really. We’ll give it to you straight and then explain each step.


engaging content + URL + Hashtag + Media = The Best Tweets on Twitter


Engaging Content

Make your tweets between 100-110 characters. Yes, that number is just a guide, but remember: if you want followers to retweet your tweets, you need to leave them enough room to do it.

Include a URL

Even better, include a shortened URL through a service like HootSuite or Bitly. Drive followers to your website or landing page. If you use a shortened URL, you’ll be able to track click-throughs.


Don’t go overboard on hashtags; one or two is generally enough in one tweet. Hashtags will increase the reach of each tweet. They’ll also help your tweets to join the larger Twitter discussions going on worldwide about the topic. For example, when I use #writing, I’m joining the Twitter-wide discussion about writing.


Include an image, GIF or video in your tweet for the best chance at engagement with your followers. Make whatever media you use relevant and high-quality. Include some kind of media, and you’ll notice a difference right away.

It’s not that hard of a formula after all – nothing like memorizing algebraic functions on high school, that’s for sure! Use this formula the next time you’re tweeting for your company, and you’ll see your engagement rates begin to rise.

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