Improve Your Email Opening Rate: Writing Email Previews

Jun 18, 2018

There are a couple pieces or marketing emails that are noteworthy because of their correlation to your email opening rate. We’ve talked about the importance of and how to write clickable headlines in previous blog posts. Today, we are going to share a few thoughts on writing email previews.

Improve Your Email Opening Rate: Writing Email Previews

Improve Your Email Opening Rate: Writing Email Previews That Convert -- RedMoxy CommunicationsIn modern email marketing, email recipients are looking at more than just the subject line of an email. Because emails show a preview of the actual content of an email, it is critical that your preview text is well written and gets to the point. Here’s our breakdown:

  1. Use your recipient’s first name
  2. Write your emails in a top-down approach
  3. Include all the important content in the first few lines
  4. Review your preview text in its “draft” form before sending

Your goal with email marketing is, first of all, to get your email opened. When recipients are getting 50+ or 100+ emails a day, your emails could easily get lost in all the hullabaloo of a full inbox. So, make your emails stand out.

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