Improve your Blog with These 4 Tips

Aug 24, 2016

Crisis Communication PlanningYou know, I think blogging about blogging is one of my favorite things to do. Time after time, I keep coming back to the subject. They say to write about what you know, and I’m certainly a proponent for that argument. So, here’s yet another blog post about blogging. Sorry not sorry. 

As you’ve probably already figured out. There’s a lot of people blogging these days. With all that commotion, how are you supposed to get your blog to rise through the ranks, leaving your competition to cough in the dust of your top-ranked success? Here’s one word to summarize the answer: Optimization.

Yes, optimize your blogging. But not in the SEO-type optimization. Optimization specifically for blogging. We’ve got the four best ways to optimize your blog, using all of today’s knowledge and resources, thereby bringing your blog up to Elite Status, the best that it can be. Read on to learn how to improve your blog with these 4 tips.

Improve your Blog with These 4 Tips

Focus on non-branded education-based blog topics.

This tip sounds like a mouthful, but it’s really quite simple. Your audience is out there, asking questions. Answer those questions.

But…don’t answer too many questions at once. Focus on one in-depth answer per blog post.

Use an interesting and helpful title.

You’ll want to make your titles clear and informative, since that’s the first thing your viewers will read. Don’t lead them astray with witty but vague titles. Be up front and honest with what you’re going to be discussing—you’ll attract a more relevant audience to your blog that way, anyway.

Choose imagery that will enhance the reading experience.

Of course you want to include some kind of imagery, whether it’s a photo, an infographic, a video, a chart or a presentation. But make sure that whatever the imagery, it’s adding value to your blog post and not just taking up space. Imagery is powerful, folks. Use it to your advantage.

Optimize for Mobile.

Did you know that 50% of all web visitors to your site will be coming from mobile? If you’re not blogging on a platform that has been optimized for mobile, you could be alienating half of your readership. You can’t afford to lose out on those kinds of numbers. Optimize for mobile. We can’t say it enough.

Start out with these four tips, and you’ll be well on your way to making your blog the best it can be. Improving your blog, making it the best, is a work in progress, so don’t worry about making changes instantaneously. If you’re having trouble, contact us. We’re happy to give advice. And, if you’re looking for inspiration, go ahead and check out these examples. They’re RedMoxy approved.

If you’re just getting started with blogging, check out our “10 Undeniable Reasons Why Blogging Works to Share with your Boss” post. It’ll give you a good base of what blogging is and why you should be doing it.