Improve Your SEO Game and Boost Your Web Presence

Mar 1, 2022

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to success in digital marketing. Your business needs to reach its target publics. To do so, your website, advertisements, and content have to be at the top of the search results. SEO is the best way to improve your overall ranking and reach your publics. Below are three tactics to improve your SEO game and boost your web presence.

Create Consumable Content

How can my content improve my SEO?

Your company’s content sets the groundwork for SEO. Remember that the purpose of SEO is to bring potential customers to your website. If your website is confusing or unappealing, customers will leave. 

Organization on your website is key to making the content easy to consume. Avoid big blocks of text and long pages. Having sub-pages that cover the most relevant topics will make navigating the site easier for readers. No one wants to scroll through long paragraphs of text. Consider including graphics to illustrate content instead. If you have longer explanations, try creating a video that explains the content in an easy-to-consume manner. Now, this is not saying to delete all your paragraphs of content. Just be aware of how the content is presented, and adjust it to fit your audience’s needs.

Integrate Keywords

How will using keywords improve my SEO game?

Keywords are part of the foundation of SEO. Without keywords, your site will not appear first when potential consumers search for information or services. To choose the best keywords for your content, go through your website and analyze what content consumers will search for that is answered on your site. Once you do this, look at each word and phrase and find the theme of them all. You can have more than one key phrase, but in order to successfully rank higher, they need to be similar. Otherwise, your site will appear to not have a clear direction and purpose.

Make sure to include your keywords in your h1’s, h2’s, h3’s, and your titles. This is especially helpful if you have a blog. Each blog post will have its own key phrase. Include those keywords in the title and h elements to improve the posts’ overall ranking. If you have images on your site, putting keywords in your image alt text will also boost that image. Make sure, however, that the keyword can be related to the image. 

Keywords also should appear in your meta description. The meta description is around two sentences in length. It appears with your site or blog post when searched for in the browser. Your ranking will improve when you include your keywords in this meta description. Make sure they are written into the description seamlessly. If you merely add them in at the end, readers will be less likely to visit your site. This is where content always takes precedence. It is better to communicate eloquently than to include the right words incoherently.

Utilize Links

How can including links improve my SEO?

Including links on your website and in your blog posts will also boost your SEO. There are two types of links: internal and external. Just as the names suggest, internal links link to other pages on your website and external links link to content on other websites. Both of these links add relevancy and authority to your site.

Felicia Crawford discusses links more in-depth in her article, “The Professional’s Guide to SEO: Link Building Sneak Preview.” In this article she discusses link building and link earning tactics that will take your SEO game to the next level. Read more about link building in Crawford’s article here.

SEO is a crucial part of digital marketing. By creating consumable content, integrating keywords, and utilizing links you will be able to improve your SEO game. Want to learn more about SEO and digital marketing? RedMoxy is here to help! Contact us here to learn more.